Friends of the Union's home creative December "Kai Bao Da Jian"

Friends of the series of activities in December, the opening of the "Kai Bao Da Jian" on December 20th in Shenzhen Redwood Furniture Museum kicked off. Kaibao Dajian starts from the museum and leads the public to open the mysterious journey of mahogany crafts.

The essence of mahogany furniture lies in its manual craftsmanship. Youlian can produce finished products after 108 processes in the mahogany furniture. This includes many manual processes. Such as the long history of large lacquer crafts, the ever-changing craftsmanship, the incomparable hand-carving craftsmanship, etc. are not the cultural treasures of traditional Chinese handicrafts.

In order to facilitate the citizens participating in the event, the organizers set up a connection point at the Civic Center and the Qinghu Subway Station. Under the leadership of the staff, the public has learned and understood the mystery of mahogany furniture crafts from the production of natural gas, cutting, hoeing, carving and lacquer.

After the event, the citizens lamented the exquisiteness and profoundness of the mahogany craftsmanship. They even lamented that it was rare for Youlian to introduce new technologies and inherit the traditional crafts for a long time.

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