French company launches fake wine identification chip

INSIDE Secure, a well-known French chip company, and Selinko, an NFC company, have jointly launched the CapSeal security system to identify counterfeit wines and spirits.

INSIDE Secure claims that CapSeal can effectively solve the problem of using empty bottles to fill fake wines.

The solution includes a INSIDE Secure VaultIC 150X chip embedded in the bottleneck label. Using an NFC smartphone (or device) and Selinko's mobile platform to scan the chip, you can verify the authenticity of the bottle and confirm that it has not been opened before.

Patrick Eischen, CEO of Selinko, said that INSIDE Secure's CapSeal, combined with Selinko's platform, is a technological breakthrough that is easily accepted by consumers.

FRP Roofing Sheets                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

 Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester sunlight roofing sheet is a new kind of lighting material for buildings.

It  is   made  of  composite  film,  polyester  and  glass fiber , etc. with high light-admitting quality, anti-

corrosion and long service life. It is mainly applied to workshop roofing lighting, public building lighting

material, green House, etc.



 Length  customized
 width 950mm-1150mm for different wave
 thickness 0.45mm,0.55mm;0.75mm;0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm 2.0mm,2.5mm
 Color transparent, blue, green


Light transmission

 insure the lighting of buildings

 the transmission of light transmittance is 60-85%


 provide super resistance to the corrosion from the rain and the indoor

 environment, good weather resistant performance.

 High strength   tensile strength> 100Mpa 
 long service life   more than 15-20 years, make the interagted cost low

Frp Roofing Sheets

Our factory manufacture different kinds of glass fiber reinforced plastic products,such as skylight panel, 

durable FRP lighting panel,fire-rated FRP panel, anti-flaming FRP skylight panel,FRP skylighting roof, FRP transparent roof.

kinds of FRP SHEETS


1. Animals and plants, greenhouse daylighting;

2. Workshop and civil building roof, metope daylighting, such as workshop with daylighting, hotel hall,   gymnasium,

   swimming pool, parking lot;  


 a€¢  workshop & warehouse daylight band   a€¢  

Frp Roofing Sheets

  a€¢  lighting roofing for pubilc buildings: parking shed, stadium shed, market shed, etc




  a€¢  green house



Production Line in our factory                                                                                                      

production line of FRP SHEETS

Accessories of the FRP Roof SHEETS                                                                                         

Frp Roofing Sheets

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FRP Roof

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