Four major considerations for the use of plant growth regulators

Plant growth regulators are a class of pesticides used to regulate plant growth and development, including synthetic compounds and natural plant hormones extracted from organisms. So what are the precautions for using plant growth regulators? The China Pesticide Network Xiaobian summarizes the following four points for you:
1. The dosage should be appropriate, and the dosage should not be increased arbitrarily.
Plant growth regulators are a class of substances that have similar physiological and biological effects as phytohormones and cannot be used in excess. Generally only a few grams or a few milliliters per acre. Some farmers are always afraid of less dosage and no effect. If they increase the dosage or use concentration at will, this will not only promote the growth of plants, but will also inhibit their growth, and even lead to leaf malformation, dryness and shedding, and whole plant death.
2. Can not be mixed at will.
Many vegetable farmers use the plant growth regulator to save time and often mix it with fertilizers, pesticides , fungicides, etc. Whether plant growth regulators and chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other substances can be mixed, must be carefully read and used after testing, can not be determined, otherwise it will not achieve the role of promoting growth or preservation of flowers and fruit, supplement fertilizer, but will be improperly mixed There is a phytotoxicity. For example, the ethephon solution is usually acidic and cannot be mixed with alkaline substances; the amine fresh ester is easily decomposed by alkali, and cannot be mixed with alkaline pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
3. The method of use should be appropriate.
Some vegetable farmers often do not read the instructions carefully before using the plant growth regulator, but use the plant growth regulator directly for water. Whether it can be directly watered must be seen clearly, because some plant growth regulators can not be directly dissolved in water, if not prepared into the mother liquor and then formulated into the required concentration, the agent is difficult to mix, will affect the use of the effect. Therefore, it must be diluted in strict accordance with the instructions for use.
4. Growth regulators are not a substitute for fertilizer application.
The growth regulator is not a plant nutrient. It can only regulate growth and cannot replace the use of fertilizer. In the case of insufficient water and fertilizer conditions, spraying too much plant growth regulator is harmful. Therefore, when plant growth is found to be poor, it is first necessary to strengthen the management of fertilization and watering, and on the basis of this, the growth regulator can be used to effectively exert its effects.

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