Four key points for the work of CNC horizontal machining center

The horizontal machining center refers to the machining center where the spindle axis is parallel to the worktable, and is mainly suitable for processing box-type parts. His working principle is that after the workpiece is clamped once in the machining center, the computer can automatically select different tools, automatically change the spindle speed of the machine tool, and complete the multi-process machining on multiple faces of the workpiece in turn. Attention should be paid to the work of CNC horizontal machining center:

1. The CNC horizontal machining center should be away from the vibration source, and should avoid the influence of direct sunlight and heat radiation to avoid the influence of moisture and air flow. If there is a vibration source near the CNC machine, an anti-vibration groove should be installed around the machining center. Otherwise, it will directly affect the machining accuracy and stability of the CNC machine tool, which will make the electronic components contact poorly, cause malfunction, and affect the reliability of the machining center.

2. The general CNC horizontal machining center is installed in the machine shop. Not only the ambient temperature changes greatly, the use conditions are poor, but also various mechanical and electrical equipments, resulting in large fluctuations in the power grid. Therefore, the location of the machining center requires strict control of the power supply voltage. Power supply voltage fluctuations must be within the allowable range and remain relatively stable. Otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the machining center CNC system.

3. The ambient temperature of the CNC horizontal machining center is lower than 30 degrees, and the relative temperature is less than 80%. Generally speaking, the numerical control electric control box is internally provided with an exhaust fan or a cooling fan to keep the electronic components, especially the central processing unit, with a constant operating temperature or a small change in temperature difference. Excessive temperature and humidity will result in reduced life of the control system components and lead to increased failure. Increased temperature and humidity, increased dust can cause bonding on the integrated circuit board and cause short circuits.

4. When using the CNC horizontal machining center, the user is not allowed to arbitrarily change the parameters set by the manufacturer in the control system. The setting of these machining center parameters is directly related to the dynamic characteristics of the various components of the machining center. Only the value of the gap compensation parameter can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

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Label: Four key points for the work of CNC horizontal machining center

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