Four essentials for the purchase of access control card readers

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] As a small branch of the access control system, the access control card reader has brought great convenience to our life. From the previous security door to the current access control card reader, it is completely A qualitative leap, at the same time is also a good choice for property management personnel to come, save everyone the human and material resources can also get twice the result with half the effort, why not?
Access control card reader
1. For the access control card reader classification, whether to select the ID card or the IC card has always been a problem for everyone. For ID Kara, it is a read-only non-contact IC card, and the IC card is readable and writable. We need to start from self-demand. If it is only used in access control and attendance, it is recommended to use ID card. If the demand is to have non-fixed consumption, we must use IC card. The application space of access control reader is still huge. .
2, access control card readers are currently divided into imported and domestic, many people do not know how to choose, first to carry out a comparison, for imported card readers, the technology is mature, the design is not good, but the price is expensive, today I suggest that you buy domestic brands, choose those manufacturers with good reputation, and also know the real situation when purchasing, to avoid being fooled, to make a realistic and cautious choice.
3. When purchasing a domestic brand, you can't just judge the quality of the domestic access control reader from the appearance. Don't distinguish it from the shape and price, and learn more about the performance characteristics. It is recommended to choose those Ayong U2270B imported RF base station chips. The access control card reader will have a better effect.
4, the purchase of access control readers in line with international standards, the use of wg26 access control card reader effect is good, for the overall stability and later upgrades and maintenance have brought great convenience.

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