Foundation crane YTQU75B passed the type test

Recently, the basic engineering machinery branch company sent a good news, the foundation construction special crawler crane products - YTQU75B hydraulic crawler crane successfully passed the national product type test.

From May 26th to May 30th, the experts of the National Engineering Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, under the active cooperation of the relevant personnel of the Basic Engineering Technology Quality Assurance Department and the Basic Engineering Manufacturing Service Department, overcome the effects of harsh natural conditions such as high temperature and heavy rain. The test items of basic parameters, operation noise, driving performance, structural strength, and machine stability of the product were strictly tested. During the test and test, in response to the anomalies, everyone made up their minds and thought ways to solve related problems in a timely and effective manner, ensuring the smooth progress of the test and laying a solid foundation for obtaining accurate data.

Through the summary analysis of the test data, the experts of the National Engineering Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center concluded that the YTQU75B hydraulic crawler crane has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, high work efficiency and strong economic applicability. Its main technical parameters and performance indicators meet the design. Requirements and national standards, type test qualified. After the type test, YTQU75B will be sent to Sichuan to join the infrastructure construction in Southwest China.

YTQU75B hydraulic crawler crane is a special product specially developed by our company according to the characteristics of basic engineering construction. It can be used for general lifting, deep foundation pit borrowing and coordinating with full-turn drilling rig. It has high horsepower and multi-functional design features. Become a basic engineering machinery branch and a popular product that is popular and popular with customers.

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