Fire automatic alarm system when fire-fighting equipment

When fire automatic alarm system is used for fire-fighting electrical equipment, continuous and continuous work is required. In order to ensure reliable power supply and wiring, the system power supply should meet the relevant requirements of the national standard "Fighting Code for Design of Fire Arrows" and "Code for Fire Protection of High-rise Civil Building Design" to meet the following requirements.

1. The automatic fire alarm system shall be provided with a main power supply and a DC backup power supply. In addition to the system power supply for the fire alarm controller, but also for the system-related fire control equipment, etc.;

2. The main power source of fire automatic alarm system adopts fire power, and the DC standby power source should adopt special battery for fire alarm control. When the DC backup power source adopts a battery set by the fire protection system, the fire alarm controller shall adopt a separate power supply circuit and ensure that the normal operation of the alarm controller will not be affected when the fire protection system is under the maximum load condition;

3. The AC power in the fire automatic alarm system, such as the CRT display fire protection display equipment, fire communication equipment, computer management system, and fire broadcasting system, shall be powered by the UPS device. Its capacity should be calculated after the fire alarm controller has been working for 24 hours under monitoring, plus the sum of the electricity used by the colleague's two shunting alarms for 30 minutes;

4. For fire control rooms, fire-fighting pumps, fire-fighting elevators, smoke prevention facilities, automatic fire extinguishing devices, fire automatic alarm systems, fire emergency lighting and electric fire shutters, doors and windows, valves and other fire-fighting electrical equipment, a type of construction should be The current a€?National Electric Power Design Codea€? stipulates that a type of load requires power supply; the above-mentioned fire-fighting equipment for a Type II building shall be powered according to the double-loop requirement of the secondary load;

5. The fire-fighting electricity facilities (such as fire-fighting elevators, fire-fighting pumps, etc.) with larger capacity or more concentration should be provided with radial power supply from the power distribution room;

6. For fire emergency lighting, fire-fighting linkage control equipment, alarm controllers and other facilities, if the decentralized power supply is adopted, special fire protection distribution boxes shall be set up at each floor (or at most no more than 4 floors);

7. The two power supply or dual-circuit circuits of fire-fighting electrical equipment should be automatically switched at the last-level distribution box;

8. In civil construction projects with fire control rooms, the two independent power sources (or dual circuit circuits) of the fire fighting equipment should be automatically switched at the distribution boxes at the following locations: Fire equipment maintenance Fire protection maintenance Fire control Room, fire-fighting elevator engine room, smoke-exhaling equipment room, fire emergency lighting equipped box, fire-fighting distribution box on each floor, fire pump room;

9. The DC operation power supply voltage of the fire-fighting linkage control device shall be 24V. DC24V power supply is divided into two types: centralized and regional.

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