F-500 mud pump profile

Mud Pump F-500, F-800, F-1000 Slurry Pump (1) Power end (frame, pinion shaft, crankshaft, crosshead, middle rod) 1, Gear transmission. Alloy steel overall crankshaft. Replaceable crosshead guide. The frame welded steel plate, high strength, good rigidity, light weight. The middle rod rod packing with double sealing structure, sealing effect is good. Power end with forced lubrication And splash lubrication combination of lubrication .2, the rack frame welded by the plate, the stress relief treatment, good rigidity, high strength, crankshaft bearings reinforced with ribs to strengthen the structure set up the necessary oil tank And oil system for cooling and lubrication .3, Crankshaft crankshaft for the alloy steel castings .Crankshaft were fitted with ring gear, connecting rod, bearing, etc .. Large ring gear tooth shape of herringbone teeth, ring gear bore And the crankshaft for interference fit, and with bolts and locknut fastening. Connecting rod big end by a single row short cylindrical roller bearings were installed on the crankshaft of the three eccentric Shou, the small end by double row cylindrical roller bearings installed Cross-pointed pin on both ends of the crankshaft for the double row radial spherical roller bearings .4, pinion shaft pinion shaft alloy steel Pieces, the processing of humanoid gear on the shaft, the use of hard tooth surface .In order to facilitate the maintenance, the selection of the inner ring without ribs single row concentric cylindrical roller bearings shaft ends of the shaft extension, either end can be installed pulley Or sprocket .5, crosshead and middle rod crosshead and crosshead guide material, using the United States ASTM A48-83 inoculation cast iron, has good wear resistance, and long service life .F-800, F-1000 mud The pump uses up and down guide structure, you can adjust the concentricity by adding shims in the lower guide plate.F-500 pump is used in the guide tube structure.Flip head and intermediate rod between the pin hole for the flange bolt connection .This rigidity The connection method ensures the concentricity of the middle pull rod and the crosshead, the middle pull rod and the piston rod are connected by a clamp, and the light weight clamp makes the connection between the middle pull rod and the piston rod convenient and reliable. Cylinder, Valve Assembly, Cylinder Liner, Piston) 1. Cylinder cylinder material is alloy steel forgings, and the three cylinder of each pump are interchangeable. Straight-through cylinder structure design of valve on the valve, reducing the liquid Cylinder volume, improve the volume efficiency.If the user request, can do electroless nickel cylinder surface , To enhance its corrosion resistance.Each discharge port is equipped with a discharge air bag, cut-off safety valve and the discharge filter.F-500 mud pump suction inlet is 8 "flange, F-800 mud pump suction inlet is 10" Flange, F-1000 mud pump suction inlet 12 "flange .2, valve assembly The above three pump suction valve and discharge valve are interchangeable. F-500 pump is used API 5 # valve, F-800 And F-1000 mud pump is API 6 # valve .3, cylinder liner can use double metal liner, cylinder liner made of wear-resistant cast iron, hardness HRC60-65, liner wear and corrosion resistance, within Hole surface finish high cylinder liner from the cylinder head hole into the cylinder, the cylinder is installed, with the cylinder, cylinder head plug and cylinder head fixed 4, piston and piston rod by the cylindrical surface with And rubber seal ring, with a lock nut with a tight compression, fastening the nut can not only prevent the piston loose, but also play a sealing role.F-800 and the F-1000 mud pump hydraulic end of the cylinder, Cylinder liner, piston, valve body, valve seat, valve spring, seal, bonnet, cylinder head and other components are interchangeable. (3) Spray system consists of spray pump, cooling water tank, The role is to cylinder liner, piston cooling and washing necessary , To improve the service life of piston of cylinder liner Spray pump is a centrifugal pump that can be installed on the shaft of the input shaft pulley drive installed, you can also use a separate motor-driven, water as a cooling fluid nozzle installed in the middle rod and the piston Rod linkage clamp, with the reciprocating piston, the nozzle is very close to the piston end, so that the cooling fluid is always flushing the piston and cylinder liner contact surface. You can also use a fixed sprinkler pipe, sprinkler pipe with durable features (D) lubricating system Power end with a combination of forced lubrication and splash lubrication gear pump installed in the tank through the lubrication line, the pressure oil were delivered to the crosshead, the middle rod, the crosshead guide and each bearing Go, so as to achieve the purpose of compulsory lubrication, gear pump work, you can observe the pressure gauge through the rear of the rack. (E) perfusion system In order to avoid the gas inlet plug pressure is low, each mud pump Can be equipped with perfusion system.The perfusion system consists of perfusion pump and its base, the butterfly valve and the corresponding manifold.Pump pump driven by a special motor, installed in the pump suction manifold .Pumping pump It can also be driven by the mud pump input shaft belt to reduce the supply of the total drilling capacity of the drilling rig. F-500 Performance parameters R / min Rated power Cylinder liner diameter (mm) and rated pressure (MPa, kgf / cm2) .39510.510711.912213.7140 15.916218.619022.222626.8273KWHP Displacement (L / S) .7536.7532.5632.5628.6128.6124.9324.9321.4921.4918.3118.3115.3915.3912.7212.72165 * .6735.6731.6031.6027.7727.7724.1924.1920.8620.8617.7717.7714.9314.9312.3412..4332.4328.7328.7325 .2525.2521.9921.9918.9618.9616.1616.1613.5813.5811.2211..2730.2726.8126.8123.5623.5620.5320.5317.7017.7015.0815.0812.6712.6710.4710..1128.1124.9024.9021.8821.8819.0619.0616.4416.4414.0014.0011.7711.779.739..9425.9422. 9822.9820.2020.2017.6017.6015.1715.1712.9312.9310.8610.868.988..7823.7821.0721.0718.5218.5216.1316.1313.9113.9111.8511.859.969.968.238.231 0.21620.21620.19150.19150.16830.16830.14660.14660.12640.12640.10770.10770.09050.09050.07480.0748F-800 Performance Parameter R / min Rated power Cylinder liner diameter (mm) and rated pressure (MPa, kgf / cm2) .613915.415717.517820.1205

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