Experts teach you how to identify inferior steel doors and windows

"The trimming and smooth sheet must be good." This statement is wrong. The owner of a home improvement company that deals with plates all the time said that the more careful the plates are, the more careful the consumers are. The edges are produced when the machine is sawing. Good plates generally do not need to be a€?reprocesseda€?. child. However, because of the hollow core and black core in the interior of the sheet with quality problems, the processor would a€?wear to dressa€? it, put a a€?good-lookinga€? wood on the edge, and polish it to make it smooth and confusing. , so you must not use this as a standard to measure how bad it is.

"Class 3A is the best." Some readers reported that when they were doing decoration, they chose the a€?3Aa€? board for the sake of no problems. The result was still a problem. In fact, there is no a€?level 3Aa€? in the national standard, but it is the personal behavior of a business or company and cannot guarantee its quality. This word is not allowed on the market. Qualified wood will be marked with "excellent products", "first-class products" and "qualified products."

"The heavier the plate, the better." This view is absolutely incorrect. The insider buys a plate to see the degree of dryness and the second to see the stitching. The dryness of the sheet is relatively light, and it does not crack and is very smooth. For laymen, the safest way is to go to the reliable building materials market and buy some famous brands of plates. In order to prevent counterfeit products in some markets, you must check whether you have a test report issued by a national authoritative department at the time of purchase.

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