Electric lock installation accessories

In most cases, the electronic lock installation must use some accessories. When selecting the electric lock, the user should clearly describe the specific door condition and installation requirements. The following is a detailed description of several accessories that may be used in the installation of electrical locks.

Lower door clamps for electric plugs: When the glass door has no frame, the lower door clamp must be used. The lower door clamps are generally made of aluminum alloy and are directly clamped to the door glass.

Upper and lower door clamps for use with electric mortise locks: When the glass door body is top and bottom without glass, the upper and lower door clamps must be used. Since the upper door clamp requires that the electric plug body be wrapped and fixed on the glass, the quality of the upper door clamp is very good, and the volume is large, and generally stainless steel is used. At the same time, the lower door clamp must be matched with the upper door clamp, which is different from the separate lower door clamp. Upper and lower door clamps are more expensive.

L-bracket with magnetic lock: When the iron gate is opened, it is often necessary to choose an L-shaped bracket. Most of the brackets are made of aluminum alloy.

U-shaped bracket matched with magnetic lock: U-shaped bracket must be used when the glass door has no frame. The bracket is mostly made of aluminum alloy.

The anode lock body matched with the cathode lock: the lock body is generally a mechanical anti-theft lock, and the lock tongue cannot be a square tongue.

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