Do you own a wardrobe, which material is the first choice?

Home decoration, every household is absolutely necessary wardrobe, there are many owners that they will be asked to make woodworking wardrobe, for this issue, Xiao Bian to remind everyone to choose carefully, then, what kind of material is best? First: moisture-proof board or compression board called moisture-proof board or compression board, which is compressed from wood pellets, certainly also added plastic, plastic shell is outside the plastic, in fact, very unhealthy, the glue will release formaldehyde. Although everyone says green and healthy, these things that are clearly compressed are certainly not as good as solid wood.
Second: wood board wood board can be spliced, nail, screw connection, the most convenient construction, but the surface treatment is the most troublesome of these. Moisture-proof panels are particleboards, which are more commonly seen on the market. They do not need paint and are low in cost. They are more commonly used to make cabinets.

Third: density board As for the density board, there are several, there are a lot of thickness, if the wardrobe is generally 1,2 or 1.5, but the wardrobe board is generally called his composite board, that is, single-sided, double Face to face, there is a pattern, the use of composite panels to make you see how many nails, not beautiful. MDF workers are the most convenient and the construction is between the two capitals.
Fourth: Daxinban and Daxinban have to be made of veneer. The panel will definitely be painted. The hardness will definitely be much better. Large wardrobe is still good with large core board, the strength of the same level finger jointed board is not high coefficient of large core board, not to mention the wardrobe is relatively large span, the required strength is relatively high; if you want to use the fingerboard to the higher intensity It is necessary to seal the panel, then the cost will increase accordingly.

The choice of wardrobe materials actually requires you to measure many factors. The above only lists their respective characteristics for your reference!

Wardrobe material

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