Do you have a pro-community father who has lost you in this yard?

Every girl who has a a€?public hearta€? has dreamed of having a big yard in front of a house like this. It doesna€?t have to be full of flowers and yards, but it must be warm and full... Come on, dear friends, Xiao Bian here happens to have such a case to share it to you, thank you! A middle school teacher in Chengdu, who is also a travel-led middle school teacher, like many girls, when she was very young, she built a dream garden in her own heart. After a period of travel, the dream landed slowly.
The scenery in front of the house Far from growing up in the countryside, it has a special feeling for the yard. She missed the natural fragrance of flowers and trees in her hometown, and she initiated the idea of a€?a€?transforming a small courtyard. This idea also led small friends to respond. At the beginning of 2015, it was far ahead of time to work together with friends to prepare a plan and spend a year to make dreams come true.
This is the perfect place for afternoon tea. Inviting friends of the 3rd and 5th to throw time here. And the decoration design is no worse than the outside cafe.
Night beauty When the lights are on at night, it is a beautiful cry. There must be a glass room in the fairy tale to hold the most crystal ideals. Inside the house Perhaps influenced by the previous European trip, the far-interior design of the interior is a refreshing Scandinavian style, and the simplicity can also suffocate. The spacious living room and large terrace on the second floor are very powerful. The sun is pouring and it is intoxicating.
Wooden ceilings and small green courtyards wrap spaces in natural colours. There are four bedrooms here, each one full of style and fresh, elegant atmosphere. The clever use of lemon yellow breaks the monotony and embellishes a vibrant space. Sometimes it does not require the use of large areas of color, and several beautiful details are enough to catch the eye and enhance the style.
Tree House Charm People are accustomed to putting their troubles in their brains, but there is a tree house in the a€?Amphoe Small Yarda€? that allows you to worry about it. The The reason why the tree house is called is because the tree in the yard is a tree built against a tree that runs through the wooden house and complements each other. It is a kind of natural collocation that merges with nature.
Listening to the cool breeze of the ears every day, watching the grass trees, greeting the first rays of the morning sun in the sound of birds, childhood dreams about the tree house, and so on into reality. The first floor was designed as a small tea room, and on a troublesome day, a natural harbor for those who need to escape temporarily.
The night of the small courtyard was not full of affection, warm lighting, hot charcoal, and moist air. It's wonderful to mingle with friends around the oven or watch an old movie on the sofa...
There must be a dream, if it is realized. Far from childhood dreams are placed in this dreamy little courtyard, and more divine and comfortable life attitudes are shared with more people.

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