Datang Hunan Branch's dust removal and efficiency improvement seminar was held in Xiangtan

Since the second half of 2013, Datang Hunan Branch has organized the feasibility study on the retrofit of the thermal power generation of the thermal power unit with the concentration of existing soot emissions higher than 30mg/m3.

In order to meet the requirements of the new "Air Pollutant Emission Standards" to be implemented on July 1, 2014, Datang Hunan Branch organized Xiangtan Power Generation Company, Jinzhushan Power Generation Company, and Fuyang Power Plant from November 12 to 13. Environmental protection engineering companies such as dust emission discharge, Kaitian Environmental Protection, Longjing Environmental Protection, and Feida Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. held a seminar on the improvement of dust and dust emission reduction. Yu Dongjiang, deputy general manager of Datang Hunan Branch, Li Lijia, deputy chief engineer and director of the Ansheng Department, attended the meeting. Zeng Yifu, Dean of Kaitian Environmental Protection Research Institute, participated in the conference as a participant and discussed Kaitian Technology.

At the meeting, representatives of three power plants introduced the situation of the proposed electrostatic precipitator project and the existing problems. Kaitian Environmental Protection, Longjing Environmental Protection, Feida Environmental Protection and other engineering companies have proposed the proposed scheme for the improvement of the electrostatic precipitator according to the situation of each electric dedusting project, and analyzed its economic and environmental benefits in detail. According to the spirit of the "Dust Collector Reconstruction Technical Exchange Meeting Minutes" of Datang Company Headquarters, under the principle of "technical feasibility, economic rationality, adapting to local conditions, coordinating and coordinating, and moderately advanced", the leaders, experts and representatives of the meeting will seriously discuss the three power plants. The electric dust removal reform proposed suggestions and suggestions for renovation.

Experts agree that in order to meet the latest standards of atmospheric dust emissions and more stringent requirements in the future, how to low-cost and efficient standardization of electrostatic precipitators is an important issue that needs urgent solution. Optimized design of electrostatic precipitator, wet electrostatic precipitator technology, low temperature electric dust removal technology, low temperature electric dedusting technology, pulse high frequency power supply new technology, soot condensation technology, mobile plate electrostatic dust removal technology are the key mainstream technologies for electric dust removal and labeling . Kaitian Environmental Protection Research Institute will focus on strengthening the research and development of electric dust removal and standardization technology, and contribute to the discharge of thermal power plant electrostatic precipitators.

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