Customized furniture has doorways

"What do you want to do?" "Implementing my own vision of furniture" - this is a custom made furniture for many owners. It is true that custom furniture can provide one-to-one personalized service for the owners, but custom furniture does not Achieve all the ideas of the owners.

Flexible design to meet individual needs
Custom furniture, as the name suggests, is the furniture tailored to the owner's requirements. Its biggest advantage is flexibility, which can meet the individual needs of the owners. Wang Qingchang, design director of Feimei Furniture (Beijing) Co., Ltd. introduced that custom furniture is first suitable for owners who have special space and cannot use finished furniture. Secondly, it is suitable for families with small size and want to make full use of space, and customize to make furniture more functions. And the design requirements of the integrated functional area such as the bar can be met. In addition, some owners who have unique ideas for their homes can also communicate with designers and customize their ideas. The service concept of custom furniture is: creative, the designer can help you achieve; for the concept of furniture, the designer can help the plan according to the owner's specific lifestyle.

Simple shape material can not be selected
Although custom furniture has wings for creativity, it has its own limitations. It is not "how to do it if you want to do it." Cui Guangde, the director of Yuanzhou Decoration, pointed out that the current custom furniture materials are simple, simple in process and weak in shape, and can not meet all the needs of the owners. For example, the curved and carved shapes required for Chinese and European decoration are difficult to achieve in custom-made furniture based on sheet metal. In addition, custom furniture has a longer construction period and higher cost than finished furniture of the same level.

Wang Qingchang introduced that the current custom furniture mainly uses sheet metal as the base material. This is because the plate type furniture has high production efficiency and short cycle, and the physical properties of the high quality plate are stable, the color is rich, and the environmental protection performance is also guaranteed. More importantly, it is more cost-effective and can be accepted by more consumers. He said that as the customer's demand grows, the shape of the custom furniture will definitely change. In the future, other materials and plates may be considered to improve the shape, but the principle based on the plate will not change. Because although the solid wood material can also be customized, the solid wood itself is relatively expensive, and the stability is not good enough. It also involves painting and other processes. If it is necessary to make a separate mold for different designs, the cost of customization will be very considerable. Therefore, the owner of the choice of custom furniture, first of all must agree with the material of the panel furniture and a relatively simple shape.

Choose custom and also ask for doorway
Cui Guangde suggested that the owner should choose the furniture to consider the overall style of home decoration and the functionality of long-term use. Therefore, after measuring the house, the home improvement designer will determine where to use the customized product according to the actual needs of the owner, and where to purchase the finished product. In addition to space specific or special requirements, in view of the singularity of the materials and appearance of custom furniture, it is generally recommended that the owner use the finished furniture of the brand. When choosing custom furniture, the home improvement designer also needs to fully communicate with the custom designer to determine the design, color and overall home decoration style of the furniture.

Wang Qingchang pointed out that owners should pay more attention when choosing a custom manufacturer. First of all, the brand company is guaranteed in equipment, design, installation, after-sales service and material quality. In case of quality problems, even if it is a customized product, the brand company can provide return service. However, due to the lack of strength of some small manufacturers, it is very likely that manufacturing errors will result in improper size of the furniture, resulting in the inability to install, or the color of the furniture, the difference between the design and the expected size, and the poor quality of the board. Since panel furniture cannot be repaired and adjusted, plus custom products, small manufacturers are likely to not be returned. Therefore, the owner should first look at the physical storefront, and have an intuitive understanding of the manufacturer's design capabilities and product quality before making a choice.

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