Crack misunderstanding home improvement pollution teach you to fight home decoration pollution cleanup battle

In the home improvement process, decoration pollution is inevitable. The use of unqualified decoration materials and unreasonable designs during the renovation process can cause home-garbage pollution. Decoration pollution deserves our attention, but it is clear that pollution needs to be taken in the right way. Follow the small series together to see the removal of household pollution.

Part1: Crack misunderstood your removal method is effective?

Regarding the pollutants from home decoration, many residents take for granted some traditional methods to remove the pollution and cause decontamination errors. But are these methods really effective? Let's take a look together.

First, the main source of household pollution

1, home environment pollution factors

Decorative materials such as paints, plywood, particle board, internal strong paint, and anti-coagulant used in reinforced concrete for interior decoration are the main sources of household pollution.

2. Major pollutants

Formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, additives and other volatile toxic and harmful substances. These pollutants can cause many damages to the respiratory tract, digestive tract, nervous system, and even harmful human health. The release period of formaldehyde and other substances is 3-15 years.

Second, remove the misunderstanding of domestic pollution

1, place pineapple

Some people think that putting a couple of pineapples in each room can eliminate the smell of paint and put more room in larger rooms. The pineapple will volatilize the aroma and play a role in masking the odor, but it does not decompose and remove harmful substances. In addition, the pineapple contains a lot of water, and after the volatilization, it plays a role of humidification, which can play the role of dissolving formaldehyde and other harmful substances, but once Dry formaldehyde will volatilize again.

2, vinegar fumigation

Some consumers try to fumigate vinegar to remove the odor after home decoration. Experts pointed out that vinegar is an acidic substance that has the effect of weakly neutralizing ammonia in the air, but does not react with other harmful components such as formaldehyde.

3, ozone generator

The "ozone generator" as an air purification device is a bigger misunderstanding. Although ozone has a sterilizing and disinfecting effect, it is harmful to human body and it is a medical conclusion. The use of ozone disinfection can only be carried out in an environment where the human body does not contact, and it is obviously not suitable for air purification in the house.

4, place tea root

Some people even put dried tea roots in tea cups in the closet and room, hoping to help clear the gas. As everyone knows, tea roots are as effective as dry leaves and toilet paper in this regard, with almost no absorption and decomposition.

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