Cotton has a high yield of "five fertilizers"

Scientific fertilization of cotton is the key to achieving high yield. Fertilization should master the principles of applying base fertilizer early, increasing organic fertilizer and increasing phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. Focus on the following "five fats".
1. Lifting seedling fertilizer: Generally, the bottom fat foot is not applied to the seedling fertilizer, and the bottom fertilizer is insufficient. In particular, there is no quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer in the base fertilizer, and 5-7 kg of ternary compound fertilizer can be applied per mu.
2, light application of bud fertilizer: bud period to promote seedlings, control large seedlings to make the group balance growth. The bud fertilizer should be applied lightly and deeply. Generally, 7-10 kg of urea (or 15 kg of ammonium bicarbonate), 1 kg of boron fertilizer, 10 kg of potassium, or 20-25 kg of compound fertilizer should be applied per mu.
3, re-apply flower bell fertilizer: flower bell fertilizer should be early, to be heavy. Apply 20-25 kg of urea per urea (or 25 kg of ammonium bicarbonate) and 15 kg of potassium fertilizer.
4, the application of top cover fertilizer: after the topping, 8-10 kg of urea per acre.
5, the use of foliar spray fertilizer and hormones: in the lack of boron, zinc, calcium cotton fields, should be sprayed with trace element fertilizer. In the late stage of cotton growth, pay attention to increase foliar spray fertilizer, 500 grams of urea per acre + 300 grams of potassium dihydrogen phosphate, 30 kilograms of water. At the same time, in the initial flowering and flowering and bolling stages of cotton growth, Tianfengsu can be sprayed to reduce cotton buds and reduce cotton yield.

Huaxian Agricultural Technology Promotion Center Lu Shuguang
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