Common sense in the room to raise flowers

Common sense in the room to raise flowers:

A flower with strong drug use ability. According to research, the plum can absorb mercury vapor; the pomegranate plant can absorb the lead vapor in the air; the snapdragon, canna, morning glory, gladiolus, etc. can convert the highly toxic sulfur dioxide into non-toxic or low toxicity through the oxidation of the leaves. Sulfate compounds; Narcissus, Mirabilis, Chrysanthemum, Saxifrage, etc. can convert nitrogen oxides into proteins in plant cells; spider plants, aloe vera, and tigertail orchid can absorb indoor formaldehyde and other pollutants, eliminate and prevent indoor air pollution. .

Two flowers that secrete bactericidin. The bactericidal secreted by flowers such as jasmine, clove, honeysuckle and morning glory can kill certain bacteria in the air and inhibit the production of diphtheria, tuberculosis, sputum pathogens and typhoid fever.

Three "complementary" features of the flower. Most flowers are mainly used for photosynthesis during the day, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen; breathing at night, absorbing oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. Cactus is just the opposite. It releases carbon dioxide during the day and absorbs carbon dioxide at night to release oxygen.

Room raising flowers:

A lot of bogey is placed. Most flowers at night release carbon dioxide, absorb oxygen, and compete with others. If there are too many flowers placed indoors, it will reduce the concentration of oxygen in the nighttime indoors, affecting the quality of sleep at night, such as chest tightness and frequent nightmares.

Two bogey to raise flowers with strong aroma and pungent odor. Such as orchids, roses, rose, lily, night scent, etc. can give off a strong aroma. However, if there are too many fragrant flowers in the room and the scent is too strong, it will cause people's nerves to be excited, especially when people smell it in the bedroom for a long time, which will cause insomnia. Christmas flowers, the gas emitted by Evergreen is not good for people; the particles emitted by tulips and hydrangea are in contact for too long, and the skin is allergic and itchy.

Three bogey placed indoors with toxic flowers. The bulb of daffodil contains Latino toxin. If the child eats it, it will cause vomiting and other symptoms. The juice of leaves and flowers will make the skin red and swollen. If the juice is mistaken into the eyes, it will cause eye damage.

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