Common knowledge of explosion-proof TV

Every home has a TV. If it is not used properly, it may cause the TV to spontaneously ignite or explode, which not only wastes money, but also poses a threat to the personal safety of family members. I have found a few common knowledge of explosion-proof TV for everyone:

1. What kind of TV sets are more prone to spontaneous combustion or explosion?

1. TV sets exceeding the service life

Relevant expert tips: The current service life of TV sets is 8 years. As the service life of home TV sets approaches, its safety factor will continue to decrease. If users do not pay attention to maintenance, such "over-age service" TV sets are prone to accidents such as spontaneous combustion or explosion.

2. Modified TV

It is understood that 95% of the modified TV sets are assembled with old CRTs and new circuit boards. Even if the circuit boards are new, the circuit boards of small-screen TVs are often modified and used on large-screen TVs. Therefore, this type of television has a short life span and potential safety hazards. 2. What is the cause of spontaneous combustion or explosion of the TV?

Some experts pointed out that there are two internal and external reasons for the TV to spontaneously ignite or explode. For example, after the TV is powered on, the electronic components in the machine will generate a certain amount of heat. These heat will be radiated outward through the TV housing cooling holes. In a TV cabinet that is not conducive to heat dissipation or in a non-ventilated place, heat will accumulate in the machine, damaging electronic components and causing smoke and fire.

In addition, there are reasons that are affected by external forces, such as the screen being impacted or subjected to lightning strikes. If there is no lightning protection device installed on the TV antenna installed outdoors, it is easy to lead the lightning into the TV in thunderstorm weather, which generates extremely high temperature, which will not only cause the TV to catch fire, but also cause the picture tube to explode, seriously endangering personal safety. 3. How to prevent accidents on TV

1. The purchase of products that are certified and produced by large formal companies is not guaranteed by some private small companies.

2. Pay attention to whether the environment in which the TV is used is safe. Do not place the TV set near a heat source or in a humid environment to keep the air dry.

3. Don't watch TV with faults. When the TV shows odor, smoke, abnormal grating, or there is a sound or flame in the machine, it should be shut down immediately and sent to the professional maintenance department for repair in time. When replacing critical originals with safety signs, the originals approved by the original manufacturer, reliable in quality, and guaranteed in safety must be used.

4. Use and maintain the TV correctly. When not in use, the power should be cut off and the plug should be unplugged instead of using the remote control standby. When severe thunderstorms come, turn off the TV and unplug the power and cable TV. For those who do not have cable TV, they must choose to stay away from the power supply line when setting up the outdoor antenna, especially away from the high-voltage line.

Do not put on the dust cover immediately after watching the TV, because the TV will generate a lot of heat when it is turned on. Once the TV is turned off, the dust cover will be put on immediately to block the heat dissipation in the TV. The TV will have an adverse effect, so it is best to put a dust cover on after about 20 minutes of shutdown.

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