Coal market gradually warms up

Coal market gradually warms up

According to the news, the 13th meeting of the joint meeting of the coal industry to get rid of poverty on September 23 was held. The relevant work to rescue the market was carried out in an orderly manner. The coal market has also been gradually warming since August.

A number of coal industry sources said that since the first national level first proposed in July to help coal companies get out of difficulty, the relevant policies for a€?rescuea€? have been implemented step by step, bringing sustainable positive impact on the coal market.

On July 14, the National Development and Reform Commission took the lead in establishing a joint conference system for the coal industry to get out of trouble. The weekly meeting was held 13 times until September 23. During this period, the "Notice on Restraining the Production of Coal Mine Supercapacitors and Regulating Enterprise Production Behavior" and "Interim Measures on Quality Management of Commodity Coal" were successively introduced.

The 13th Joint Meeting emphasized that resolutely controlling the insecurity, illegal activities, and superpower production existing in the coal industry are the focus of the coal industry's efforts to get out of trouble. Coal mine production progress has been progressing smoothly and is expected to be completed by the end of September.

The coal market and coal prices have gradually stabilized and rebounded since August. The closing price of 5,500 kcal coal in the Bohai Bay thermal coal price rose from 478 yuan/tonne to 482 yuan/tonne.

On September 20th, Wang Xianzheng, president of the China Coal Industry Association, said that it would promote a rational return of coal prices and strive to raise the thermal coal price in the coal market to about RMB 0.1-0.12 per kcal, taking the calorific value of 5,500 kcal as an example. 550-660 yuan / ton, to bring greater confidence in the coal market.

a€?According to preliminary research and prediction, in the coming period, the national coal consumption growth rate will drop from about 10% in the previous decade to about 3%.a€? After analyzing the economic operation of the coal industry this year, Wang Xianzheng pointed out that Chinaa€?s coal industry has entered demand. The key period of slowing down growth, digesting excess production capacity and inventory, strengthening environmental restrictions, and developing modern coal chemical technology is a arduous task in structural adjustment and transformation and development.

In this regard, Wang Xianzheng believes that the key to relieving the difficulties of the coal industry is to promote a rational return of coal prices to value. "Price reduction can not start the market" has been confirmed by the market practice, coal companies to abandon the "increase in price, let prices do not let the market," the inertia of thinking, and strive to the thermal coal market prices rose to 0.1 to 0.2 yuan / kcal or so. He called for the active pursuit of national policy support at the same time, coal companies should strengthen self-discipline, strictly control the disorderly growth of production; strengthen cash flow management, promote the construction of market trading system; strengthen strategic leadership and improve sustainable development capabilities.

a€?The decrease in coal imports, the drop in major port inventories, the slight decline in the coal prices in the northern coastal areas, the stable growth in the major coal consumption areas and the nationa€?s coking coal prices, and the marketa€?s expectation of good results.a€? Under the joint action, some recent positive changes have taken place in the coal market.

Data show that in August this year, the national coal import was 18.86 million tons, a year-on-year decrease of 27.4% and a decrease of 18.1% from the previous period. As of the end of August, coal deposits at major ports decreased by 8.3% year-on-year. After the price of steam coal fell by RMB 10/t in August, it stopped falling slightly in September. In Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia and other major producing areas, the coal price rose slightly by 5 yuan/ton.

However, the conference also pointed out that China's slow growth in coal demand, overcapacity, structural structure, and high import coal prices will become the norm. It will take time for the state to push the coal industry out of difficulties. a€?At present, the losses of coal enterprises are above 70%, 70% of coal enterprises have reduced their wages, 30% of companies have experienced wage problems, 20% of companiesa€? wages have fallen by more than 10%, and coal mine safety production problems and social stability in mining areas have become a problem. It is worth paying attention.a€? Wang Xianzheng, president of the China Coal Industry Association, said in his speech that the downside of the coal economy has further aggravated risks, and the production and operation situation of coal enterprises remains grim.

In addition, Wang Xianzheng stressed the need to pay attention to the scientific nature of the coal chemical industry planning and layout, increase the localization of coal gasifiers, strengthen the research on the adaptability of raw coal and gasifiers, and improve the stability, reliability, and economy of modern coal chemical projects. Sex. (

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