Class B fire door standard

Class B fire doors have a minimum fire rating of 1.0 hours. The door of the general room and the atrium corridor is used to use the Class B fire door specification as a€?High Regulationsa€?, and the halls and fire door specifications that are in the Atrium are a€?High Regulationsa€?, etc. Grade fire door specifications vary depending on the environment in which the building is located.

Class B fire doors are very popular in the market. Class B fireproof board features: Generally, Class B fire doors are more flexible, and they are sturdy and durable. When touched, they will feel very flat, beautiful and easy to use.

Class B fire door standard

Class B fire door standard: Class B fire door fire rating is not less than 1.0 hours. Class B fire door standards are slightly lower than the Class A fire door standard in terms of fire resistance. On the installation site, the fire protection technical specifications are to be referred to. Generally, the Class A fire door is installed on the firewall or the entrance door of the high-rise building ( Meet certain conditions) and so on. Class B fire doors are usually installed in closed stairwells, smoke-proof stairwells, front rooms, etc.

Class B fire door specifications

Class B fire door specifications: In addition to the size of the door opening according to the national building doors and windows, the hole module unified modular system (GBJ2-73 <Building Unified Modular System>), can also be customized according to user requirements. Class B fire door specifications will vary from building to building.

1. When the atrium area is larger than the fire protection zone in the high-rise building: when the atrium and the room corridor pass through the doors and windows, the Class B fire door shall have an automatic closing function, and the Class B fire door shall be in accordance with the provisions of of the a€?High Regulationsa€?. The passage of the Class B fire door that should be set up in the passage with the Atrium is specified in Article of the High Regulations.

2. When the doors and windows on both sides of the firewall are less than 2 meters and the corner is less than 4 meters, the specification of the Class B fire door is "High Regulation" 5.2.2.

3, song and dance entertainment in high-rise buildings, entertainment venues in the first floor or second, third floor and other partition walls, need to open the door, should not be lower than the Class B fire door level, then the Class B fire door specifications for the "high regulations" 4.1.5 or 5.1.15.

4. The door of the anti-smoke stairwell to the stairwell shall be in accordance with the provisions of Section 6.1.3 of the a€?High Regulationsa€?.

5. In the basement and semi-basement stairwells, the partition wall with a fire resistance limit of not less than 2 hours should be used on the first floor, and the Class B fire door on the partition wall is specified in 6.2.8 of the a€?High Regulationsa€?. Article 7.4.4 of the "Provisions" stipulates that the provisions of 5.2.2 of the Civil Air Defense Regulations.

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