City Development Research Center to Wuyi Fu Nike Research

On the morning of June 4, the research team of the Municipal Government Development Research Center came to Wuyi County to investigate the development of emerging industries. Wu Guoxian, deputy magistrate of the Wuyi County Government, and Du Guoding, executive deputy director of the County Industrial Cluster Management Committee, accompanied the investigation.

In the conference room on the second floor of the county government, the former Qi Feng introduced the development of emerging industries in Wuyi County to the research team. In recent years, Wuyi County will develop emerging industries as the main focus of adjusting industrial structure and promoting transformation and upgrading, focusing on the development of emerging industries such as biomedicine, high-end equipment manufacturing, special vehicles, new materials and new energy. In 2012, there were 25 new-scale enterprises above the county level, and the added value of emerging industries reached 3.6 billion yuan, accounting for 28.1% of the county's industrial added value. Yuan Weifeng said that although Wuyi County has achieved certain results in the cultivation and development of new industries, it still needs technical, talent, and capital support. It is hoped that the municipal government will give financial and taxation, credit financing, and talents in the future. All-round support, fully support and promote the development of emerging industries in Wuyi County.

Subsequently, the research team went deep into the Fenike superhard materials, Zhengzhou Nissan Wushu Dongchen Automobile Industrial Park and other places to conduct research, and affirmed the development of emerging industries in Wuyi County in recent years, and hope that Wuyi County will continue to insist on transformation and upgrading. Innovation and development will not waver, vigorously develop emerging industries, foster new economic growth points, and inject new vitality into economic and social development.

Product Description

PVDF rod with 20-150mm diameter

PVDF has high strength, super chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, UV resistance. What's more, its dielectrical property is also very good. Compared with PTFE, it has higher surface hardness. The global production capacity of PVDF is only next to PTFE in the fluoropolymer family

-Excellent chemical resistance
-High toughness and rigidity
-Good dielectrical properties
-Good UV and radiation resistance
-Easy to machine
-Good sliding resistance, 
-High wear resistance 
-Nice dimensional stability

Silicon chip carrier
PVDF nozzle

Technical Data Sheet

PROPERTIES Test Method Unit Value 
I.Physical Properties 
Density ISO 1183 g/cm3 1.8 
Water absorption 24hrs ISO 62 &percnt; <0&period;05 
II&period;Thermal Properties 
Heat deflection temperature - HDT&sol;A ISO 75-2 ?oC 104 
Min&period; service temperature   ?oC -40 
Max&period; service temperature-Long Term   ?oC 150 
Thermal conductivity at 23 ?oC DIN 11359 W&sol;&lpar;K&ast;m&rpar; 0&period;13 
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion ISO 11359 10-4&ast;K-1 0&period;2 
Flammability Rating&lpar;6mm thickness&rpar; UL 94 - V-0 
III&period;Mechanical Properties at 23?oC 
Tensile strength at yield ISO 527-2 MPa 50 
Tensile strength at break ISO 527-2 Mpa 46 
Elongation at break ISO 527-2 &percnt; a‰¥50 
Modulus of elasticity after tensile test ISO 527-2 MPa 2&comma;000 
Modulus of elasticity after flexural test ISO 178 MPa 2&comma;000 
Hardness - Shore D DIN 53505   78 
Charpy impact strength ISO 179 kJ&sol;m2 N&period; B&period; 
Friction coefficient DIN 53375   0&period;33 
IV&period;Electrical Properties  at 23?oC 
Dielectric constant at 1 MHz IEC 60250 106Hz 7&period;25 
Dielectric loss factor at 1 MHz IEC 60250 106Hz 0&period;18 
Volume resistively IEC 60093 Ohm &lpar;&ohm;&rpar; &ast; cm a‰¥1013 
Surface resisively IEC 60093 Ohm &lpar;&ohm;&rpar; a‰¥1014 
Dielectric strength IEC 60243-1 kV&sol;mm 22 
NOTE&colon; 1 g&sol;cm3 &equals; 1&comma;000 kg&sol;m3&comma; 1 Mpa &equals; 1 N&sol;mm2&comma; 1kV&sol;mm &equals; 1 MV&sol;m 
Property data contained herein are typical values of resin for your reference and comparison purposes only&period; PRIOR will not provide any legally binding guarantee of certain properties&comma; or any suitability&period;  

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