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For many consumers, the floor is the best choice for home decoration, solid wood flooring feels comfortable, without complex manual processing of wood flooring can present a natural wood texture, such a floor in the home life Can show a very rich natural texture. Today, I will introduce you to Cicero floor , one of the top ten wooden floor brands in China. How about Cicero flooring ? After reading the following article, it became clear to me.

How about Cicero floor

Cicero floor is derived from Huasheng Wood Industry Co., Ltd., which invested in the domestic wooden floor manufacturing industry in 1988. It is a perfect embodiment of continuous development and continuous innovation. At present, it has been among the forefront of domestic composite flooring industry. Is a collection of floor production, sales, etc. as one of the major modern wood companies.

Since the establishment of Cicero floor, has been deeply loved by the majority of users. To maintain rapid and steady development, it has become a well-known domestic brand. Cicero flooring has met the standards of quality inspections organized by the provincial and municipal technical supervision departments throughout the calendar year and successively passed ISO9001-2000 International Quality Management System Certification, ISO14001-2001 International Environmental Management System Certification, and China Environmental Labeling Product Certification. "(HD)", "European Flame Retardant Grade Certification (HD)", received "Green Product (HD)", "Hunan Trustworthy Brand" and other honorary titles.

Cicero floor breaks through traditional craftsmanship and actively innovates in manufacturing technology. It follows the trend of the latest technology and adopts a new generation of imitation solid wood technology with epoch-making significance, as well as advanced molded u-shaped trough technology and a new real wood grain technology for visual health. The new crystalline ion high-tech materials included in the National 863 Plan were selected and a new generation of crystal ion antibacterial technology was adopted. All efforts to create a new generation of "European style."

Cicero flooring products

Norwegian Forest Series

Rome style series

Caesars Times Series

Louis Earl Collection

Baroque series

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Cicero floor decoration renderings appreciation


The most natural texture of the trees is slowly opened in soft, beautiful shades, simple and natural, elegant and luxurious. Looking at it, you will find that elegance and luxury do not violate.


With a heavy sense of history, the colors are the advantages of this floor. The old hand-waviness treatment process is used on the wooden floor surface to bring a mysterious and natural atmosphere to the entire home environment. It seems to be able to go through history. Experience a noble life.

Editor's summary: The above is an appreciation of Cicero's floor decoration renderings for everyone today. I hope to help you. Want to know more relevant knowledge, please pay attention to our website's latest development or to Qi Jia Mall to buy your favorite product!

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