China Metallurgical Baosteel Technology completed the first localization of hot extrusion die

In the past year, China Metallurgical Corporation's China Metallurgical Baosteel Technical Service Co., Ltd. has completed three series of molds and reaming molds for hot extrusion cylinders with diameters of 176mm, 236mm and 346mm for Baosteel Special Steel. The processing and production of a product has an output value of 13 million yuan. At present, hot stamping of die products with a diameter of 416 mm is being processed.
The mold processing center of MCC Baosteel Technology Wugang Equipment Co., Ltd. was built in time to support the special steel international hot extrusion new production line. With the combination of CNC machine tools, deep hole boring and milling machines, and other software advantages and grade advantages, they have overcome the problems of heat treatment superhard material processing technology and hot-press cold-shrinking machine tools. The series of hot extrusion moulds produced by domestic processing has been realized, replacing the German products, and some of the products are superior to the international similar products.

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