Children's room health Feng Shui decoration taboo to keep children safe and happy

First, the children's bedroom wall

1, the children's bedroom wall can not be posted too fancy wallpaper, in order to avoid confusion, irritability.

2, the wall can not be attached to the strange animal portrait, in order to avoid the child's behavior is weird, because the shape must be spiritual, the object to gather.

3, the wall can not be attached to the map of the samurai battle, so as not to create a good mentality of the child's mind.

Second, the Feng Shui arrangement of the children's bedroom

1, the child's bedroom can not be located in the machine room, under the balcony, set in the machine room is easy to cause brain neurasthenia.

2, there must be no mirror door in the bedroom entrance, so as not to have multiple tongues.

3, the ceiling of the bedroom should be flat, milky white is better (dark color is fierce); the ceiling can be decorated with vertical and horizontal wood strips, but can not hang various strange ornaments.

4. The floor of the bedroom should not be covered with dark red carpet and long felt to avoid bronchitis.

5, the bedroom can not hang too many wind chimes, in order to avoid neurasthenia.

6, the bedroom light should be bright; the main color avoid powder, red, dark black, in order to avoid personality irritability.

7, the bedroom is small, can not be decorated too complicated, making the room look too messy.

8. Do not close or lock the dolls in the bedroom.

9, the bedroom door can not be hedged with the toilet door.

Third, the feng shui layout of the children's bed

1. Children's beds cannot be placed under the beams.

2, if the bed is facing the window, the sun should not be too strong, the sun is too strong and easy to get upset.

3, the bed can not be on the balcony (this is after the expansion, all or part of the children's bed is located on the balcony), it is not suitable to close to the floor-to-ceiling windows of the balcony.

4, the bed can not be up and down in the kitchen stove (susceptible to skin disease, upset and angry), can not be in the toilet up and down.

5, the bed is not correct for the foot (sick sprain) or toilet.

6, the bed head does not flush the door, not reliable before and after the toilet.

7, the bed can not be placed in the god hall of the gods (the child is best not to be normal).

8, the bed can not be placed on the recorder (easy to cause brain neurasthenia).

Fourth, the Feng Shui arrangement of the children's room desk

1, the back of the desk and the left and right can not be rushed.

2, the desk can not face the toilet, nor can it be backed by the toilet bathroom; the left and right can not be flushed with the bathroom door.

3, can not be up and down in the kitchen stove, the toilet bathroom above.

4, it is best not to have high objects in front of the desk (the bookshelf on the desk is not good).

5, the desk can not face the outside lane, road or water tower.

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