Chaowei won the second prize of National Environmental Protection Technology Award

The Ministry of Environmental Protection recently issued the 2014 annual award for environmental protection science and technology awards. The a€?Cadmium-free lead-acid battery multi-phase internalization process projecta€? declared by Chaowei Group won the second prize of the Environmental Science and Technology Award and became the first in the battery industry. a company that won this award.
The "Environmental Protection Science and Technology Award" is an important award in China's environmental protection scientific research field. It aims to reward organizations and individuals that have made outstanding contributions to environmental protection and scientific and technological work. Through the selection of outstanding environmental protection technology projects, the enthusiasm of environmental science and technology research is mobilized, and environmental scientific and technological achievements are promoted. Transformation will accelerate the progress of environmental science and technology and promote the development of environmental protection.
This year's Environmental Protection Science and Technology Award was reviewed by local and various departments and reviewed by experts. A total of 68 projects won awards, including 7 first prizes, 26 second prizes, and 35 third prizes. During the selection process, the judges highly praised the projects submitted by Chaowei Group and considered Chaowei Group as the flag of China's battery industry and made great contributions to the industry's environmental protection work.
It is understood that the a€?multi-stage internalization process project of cadmium-free lead-acid batteriesa€? has been developed by Chaowei Group for many years and invested heavily in research and development, and is implemented in all subsidiaries, branches and joint production companies of the Group. The project adopts advanced internal chemical production technology, achieving energy conservation of 28.5% and water conservation of 90%, effectively solving the bottleneck problems of lead-acid battery industry such as energy consumption, resource consumption and environmental protection, and has revolutionary significance for the industry to achieve green development.
According to statistics, as of now, Chaowei has formed more than 80 internalized patents with independent intellectual property rights, including 8 patents for inventions, and won the a€?China Patent Outstanding Awarda€? of the State Intellectual Property Office, and the second prize for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Zhejiang Province. Awards.
As a leading company in China's battery industry, Chaowei Group always adheres to the mission of a€?advocating green energy for a perfect human lifea€?, relying on the technological advantages of leading industries, and making energy-saving emission reduction, pollution control, and comprehensive utilization of industrial waste for the industry. Leading and demonstrating. At the same time, through the establishment of the State Environmental Protection Pollution Prevention Engineering Technology Center, an enterprise information center has been set up to monitor the pollution control and discharge of production bases, and achieved environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, development of recycling economy, and development of new energy sources. Outstanding performance, for the industry's green development to provide a reference "sample", and won the China Baosteel Award, the All-China Federation of Industry and Science and Technology Progress Excellence Award, China Battery Industry Association Technology Innovation Award and a series of honors, has been highly valued by the community.

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