Ceramic market trend analysis lead-free ceramic products will be popular

Nowadays, there are more and more heavy metal content and heavy metal types in children's bodies. What is the matter? The main reasons for the current lead exceeding the standard are the following reasons. First, the cause of indoor pollution, which mainly includes air reasons and reasons for bathroom faucets. Second, outdoor pollution is mainly caused by the pollutants emitted by cars being inhaled into the body by children. The outside air is not what we can control, but we can do an effective prevention of pollution in the home, through the tile and the two main aspects of the bathroom faucet.

We first analyze the distribution of air pollutants. The density of pollutants containing heavy metals must be greater than the density of air. Because the main components of air are nitrogen and oxygen, the molecular weight of heavy metals in heavy metal molecules is already significantly greater than that of air. The average density, so most of the heavy metal pollution gas is definitely close to the ground, that is to say, the higher the height, the less the pollution is. Of course, we mean pure metal pollution here, because there are some pollution gas density ratios. The air is small and will be distributed in the sky, which is the main reason why the ozone layer in the air is destroyed. Children's height is generally around one meter or less. This area is the area where heavy metal pollution is the most concentrated. Therefore, children are much more likely to inhale pollutant gases than adults in this environment.

Trends in ceramic market trends Lead-free ceramic products will be popular

Ceramic market trend analysis lead-free ceramic products will be popular

Then, we should use the branded bathroom faucet with lead content to reduce the pollution of indoor air. First, it is the most important way to prevent direct lead poisoning in the body, because lead in the faucet will definitely let lead flow into the body. . Don't threaten your health in order to save a little bit of money. In fact, you can install a lead-free faucet at home, mainly for the faucet that you cook and cook. Don't go to the no-brand market to buy such lead-free faucets, because the groceries sold in the grocery market and the unsecured areas of the grocery store basically have no lead-free faucets, most of them are miscellaneous brands. Why protect the products? Quality and Safety?

Second, the choice of ceramic flooring must also go to specialty stores or large shopping malls. Tile problems have existed for many years. Ceramic tiles of various prices, various qualities and various concepts are emerging in the market. Tiles are a very practical product, as long as the quality Quality and practicality don't need to be replaced in a lifetime, so why don't we choose the tiles produced by the brand bathroom company and venture to buy the unknown tiles? At that time, not only the quality and safety can not be guaranteed, but also the disputes will make them trouble.

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