Cabinet quality competition, green cabinet selection, 8 criteria

The kitchen is the place to provide us with delicious meals, so the cleanliness and safety of the kitchen is the most important. All major brands are committed to using newer, more environmentally friendly materials to achieve this. When you buy cabinets, it is easy to overlook many of the core problems associated with environmental protection in the kitchen. The environmentally friendly kitchen is not only environmentally friendly, but also should be reflected in the details of the core without noise, low energy consumption. Take a look at the links below to see if your kitchen is environmentally friendly. 1. The E1 grade environmental protection box E0 grade plate does not contain green moisture-proofing agent. It does not need to be glued. The resistance and moisture resistance are relatively low. The base used for furniture will be very good, but it is used in the kitchen to simply crack the moisture. . Cabinets that reach the E1 environmental indicators can be called environmentally friendly cabinets. Second, the inner box body of the cabinet to be fitted with holes is usually equipped with a row of drill holes. If there is no cover, even if the plate meets the E1 standard, the formaldehyde in the box will be slowly leaked, plus the hole plug. The small holes that are unsightly on the cabinet plate are gone, and the amount of formaldehyde released from the cabinet is minimized. Third, the side panel four sides of the edge of the cabinet sealing process is very important, the use of imported edge banding machine, but also with the import of hot melt glue, so that the effect of sealing the sheet. Prompt you, the correct side panel sealing method is to seal the four sides of the side panels, the thickness is better than 1 mm. Fourth, the back panel double-sided paste particle board Most manufacturers use single-sided stickers in the middle of the board or Polaroid board as the backboard information of the cabinet, both have a veneer, the other side exposed. The exposed surface does not hinder the release of formaldehyde. The backboard should be double-sided pasteboard, such as the dew river particleboard, to reach the E1 specification. 5. The noise reduction of BLUM hinges and BLUM hinge dampers is also environmentally friendly. The BLUM hinge and the BLUM hinge damper are added to the cabinet to avoid the noise generated when the door panel is closed and collided with the cabinet, and the rebound speed of the door panel is lowered. Sixth, anti-collision strips and strips disposable devices will prevent the collision strips and edge strips in the production process, not only slow down the door panel collision, eliminate noise, but also enhance the sealing of the cabinet panels, avoiding the sheet Deformed by moisture. And because there is no slotting, the edge strips look beautiful. Seven, metal flexible structure In order to deal with the problem of table cracking, it is possible to choose a metal flexible structure suitable for artificial stone countertops, replace the wooden structure with metal support under the countertop, and extend the working time of the countertop. The under-surface track is consistent with the lock card connection method, which can avoid deformation and cracking problems. Eight, metal drawers are more durable plastic drawers are not environmentally friendly, now popular is the aluminum drawer, the main body is not plasticized. Such drawers are not only long-lasting parts, but also consistent in color. The aluminum alloy material is also used for the internal pumping, which is more convenient and durable. >>>Back to Home Nanchang Decoration Nanchang Decoration Forum

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