Buying furniture on New Year's Day is affordable and preferred

Pay attention to environmental protection

Panel furniture is popular among young people because of its moderate price, diverse styles, novel colors, and not easy to deform. However, the selection of panel furniture must not only focus on appearance and price, and ignore environmental protection. If you buy non-environmentally friendly furniture, it is like bringing an invisible "killer" to the home.

The environmental performance of panel furniture is mainly reflected in the board and paint. The formaldehyde content of good plates is particularly low. At present, there are three main domestic environmental protection grades for plates. E2 grades comply with domestic standards, E1 grades comply with European standards, and E0 grades are among the most environmentally friendly in the world. Good paint finishes are not only environmentally friendly but also resistant to abrasion and scratches without fading. Non-environmentally friendly furniture has a pungent smell. When buying panel furniture, consumers can smell it more, and at the same time request to check the quality test report produced by the national quality inspection department. In addition, the appearance and surface quality of the product should be checked to see if there are scratches, pressure marks, air bubbles, etc. on the surface of the furniture material. Whether the edge banding has cracks, unevenness, or warping. Good edge banding should be pasted to the board. Strict, smooth surface, no roughness.

Choose solid wood furniture to judge the material

In the home store, the same table, the price of solid wood furniture and sheet furniture differ by more than 1,000 yuan. At present, there are roughly two types of solid wood furniture on the market. One is pure solid wood furniture. All the materials used in this kind of furniture are solid wood. The other is not made of all solid wood. Furniture made of wood-based panels. Consumers must pay more attention to the materials used for solid wood furniture when choosing.

Wood grain and scars are an important method to judge whether it is solid wood furniture. If a cabinet door looks like a pattern on the outside, then look at the pattern on the back of the cabinet door. If it corresponds well, it is a solid wood cabinet door.

In addition, the quality of wood has a great impact on solid wood furniture. After the cabinet doors and drawers are opened, the wood is dry and white, and the texture is clear, the texture is close and delicate. In addition, there should be no large scars, cracks, or cracks on the load-bearing parts such as uprights and load-bearing horizontal bars between the uprights and the ground. However, the current solid wood furniture market is relatively chaotic, and there are often things that are sub-optimal and confuse tree species. Consumers are better off choosing trusted brand products.

Buy soft furniture to see the comfort

Upholstered furniture usually refers to two series of sofas and soft beds. According to the different fabrics used, there are three types of leather, cloth art, and leather cloth combination. Environmental protection, comfort, breathability and closeness are the primary criteria for choosing upholstered furniture. In comparison, the shape and additional functions are secondary. The quality of sponges, springs and other fillers used in upholstered furniture not only directly affects the comfort of use, but also determines the service life of upholstered furniture. quality.

The best way to pick up soft furniture is to experience it for yourself. Picking a bed, you can go up and lie down in person. Only after lying down will you know if you are really comfortable. The same is true when choosing a sofa. If you sit down and feel the resilience, a good sofa will rebound 2 to 3 times. Choose soft furniture must be moderately soft, neither too hard nor too soft. Secondly, we must pay attention to whether the surface is smooth and whether there are traces such as broken lines or jump lines at the seams. And the surface can not be uneven, soft and hard uneven. In addition, we must pay attention to whether the spring will make some unreasonable noise, if it makes a sound, it proves that there is a problem with its internal quality.
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