Buy tiles five risk three major issues to understand

(1) Appearance quality of the product Consumers can first check the product name and grade indicated in the product packaging box or the documents in the box; secondly, the actual quality of the product can be observed by naked eyes. When purchasing, try to select the surface without obvious defects and regularity. The product. For disc and bowl products, several products of the same size and size can be stacked together to observe the distance between them, and the distance is not uniform, indicating that the shape of the device is irregular and the deformation is large. For a single product, it can be laid flat or reversed on the glass to see if it fits into the glass to determine its deformation. For porcelain products, hold them on your hands and tap the edges with your fingers. If there is a hoarse sound, there is a crack inside.

(II) Preliminary determination of lead dissolution amount and cadmium dissolution amount The amount of lead dissolved in the glaze color and the underglaze color product, and the amount of cadmium dissolved are extremely little or almost no, and can be purchased with confidence. The glaze color products should be purchased according to the purpose of use. To reduce the influence of lead dissolution and cadmium dissolution, the following methods can be adopted:

1. For utensils used to hold acidic foods, products with less surface decoration patterns should be used.

2. When purchasing, pay attention to whether the pattern color is bright. If it is not bright, it may be that the temperature does not meet the requirements when baking flowers. The lead dissolution amount and/or cadmium dissolution amount of such products tends to be high.

3, pay special attention to those products that can be wiped off by hand, this product often has a high amount of lead dissolution or / and cadmium dissolution.

4. For products that are not at ease, you can soak them in vinegar for a few hours. If you notice obvious changes in color, you should discard them.

(3) Precautions for use

1. For products that may be used in microwave ovens, ovens, and dishwashers, the products marked a€?Machine-to-Microwave, Applicable to Oven, Dishwasher Applicablea€? should be purchased.

2. For products with large usage, such as the catering industry, it is advisable to use products with thick edges and rounded reinforcing edges. Such products are not easily damaged during use.

3. It is recommended not to use products with cracks. These products have low strength and may be broken when they are filled with food, causing damage to the human body. Due to the existence of cracks, they may be dirty and not easy to clean during use. May cause bacterial growth and affect human health.

4. For products marked for decoration, it cannot be used to hold food. The lead and cadmium dissolution of such products is not controlled by the standard limit.

  Material  Brass&ABS plastic
  Surface treament  Chromed or customize
   Function  Bathroom brass&ABS  Hand Shower/portable Shower Head
   Working temperature   0-90 degree
   Working pressure   0.05-1.2 MPA
   Guarantee   5 years
   MOQ   50 pcs
   Packing   Bubble and cloth bag, craft carton,  Can be designed by customer
   Terms of payment   T/T, 30% deposit, 70% before delivery
   Shipping terms   FOB Jiangmen or EX-Work
   Delivery time   15-30 days after receiving payment
  Remark  Welcome ODM/OEM

Hand Shower

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