Buy a kitchen gas stove to avoid three big mistakes and be fooled

Although the kitchen is small, the impact is great; although the smoke stove is small, the smoke stove affects the daily life of each of us. I hope that everyone can understand more, be less fooled, and have fewer traps.

Misunderstanding 1: About entering the wind, entering the wind, mixing into the wind. Many people may not understand the difference and benefits of these three types of air intake, but many people may have the story of tempering and frying panels in the national stove. As the way of entering the stove, it is undoubtedly the safest and most reasonable way to get on the wind. Because the full inlet air inlet is completely above the cooktop, there will be no tempering, and the panel will not be fried. And many promoters often don't say that their stoves are under the wind, they will emphasize that they are upwind or mixed into the wind. At first glance, it seems that the mixed air is better than the upper air, and the air intake is more varied, but in fact, the reason for the tempering accident is that the lower air is below the stove, and the mixed air is also under the wind. The existence of the same, it is also possible to temper and fry the panel. Only when the wind is completely up-to-date can prevent the occurrence of tempering. See if it is completely upwind, just need to see if it can be disassembled above the stove. After disassembling, if the stove is clean, there is no recess below the stove, and there is no extra hole except the air inlet, it is generally Fully in the wind.

Myth 2: Regarding firepower, many promoters may forget to say the size of the firepower, or a 3.7, 3.9 but do not explain the meaningless numbers. The size of the firepower is very important for the Chinese to cook. Chinese people have a variety of cooking methods, and the firepower is greater than that of Westerners. Therefore, the firepower is generally 4.1, and the small firepower will cause the cooked rice to be cooked, but the taste is not authentic. Therefore, when purchasing a cooker, it is generally necessary to purchase a firepower of 4.1 or greater.

Misunderstanding 3: About the number of firepower laps. This is also what many promoters will forget to say. In fact, the number of firepower laps represents a firepower balance. Imagine a stove with insufficient firepower balance would be a terrible thing to cook. It may be that the middle is burnt, but the edge is still raw; or the center is born, but the side is cooked. The more intuitive performance may be that we have all been penned: the handle of the pot is hot, and the oil in the center is still raw. Therefore, the purchase of stoves, the number of firepower is equally important, the general firepower circle number of stoves, for fire control can be more accurate and balanced. Generally, you should buy a stove with three or more layers of firepower.

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