Building intercom closely follow the pace of smart cities

Building intercom closely follow the pace of smart cities The continuous development of building intercom technology has led to the development trend of integrated, networked and personalized building intercom products. This new development may affect the stagnant front-line security market and usher in a new spring for building intercom products.

Intelligent life transformation brought about by functional integration 1. Realizing comprehensive smart home control After the perfect integration of building intercom and smart home, the user will obtain all the functions and experiences of the home control system on the entire system, such as lighting control, scenario mode, and intelligence. Surveillance and smart alarms, etc., as long as you tap on the wall or mobile terminal, or even do not touch at all, just voice control, you can easily control everything in your home.

2. After integrating various community functions into the smart home system, the building intercom will integrate the basic intercom unlock function, SMS, announcement, photo/message, electronic photo album, security alarm, access control, smart home, and community shopping. Information homes and other functions and value-added services. In short, the building intercom will develop in the direction of smart and convenient.

For example, if you are injured at home in the future, you cannot go downstairs and go to the hospital. Using the building intercom, just press a key and the social worker in the community will come to your home to help you go downstairs. If your home cooking salt is gone and it is not convenient to go out and buy it, you can tell the district grocery store through the building intercom. The grocery store can be delivered to your door.

Of course, in addition to these, services such as housekeeping services, rental housing services, e-commerce services, home fast food services, various types of on-site door maintenance services, and sewer dredging services can be directly connected to community stores through this button of building intercom. To make your life easier and faster.

3, development of linkage control to form a three-dimensional defense system security alarm system is an essential part of modern security. The home gas alarm, door magnetic switch and smoke detector can be linked to the building intercom. When there is no one at home, if the alarm sounds, the building intercom can be activated immediately, and the security on-duty personnel can see the scene in your home through the visual system to perform a timely rescue. It has played a major role in protecting the lives and property of the owners.

Directions for the Development of Building Intercom Industry 1. The integration of smart home integration and smart home is still a hot trend in the development of the building intercom industry. Since its development, the smart home market has been gradually opened, and the development prospects have been generally optimistic about the industry. More and more professional building intercom manufacturers have begun to penetrate into the smart home field, and have conducted a series of digital intercom systems and smart home systems. Integration has enabled the entire smart home market to present a variety of technologies that are fully integrated.

2. The a€?Smart Citya€? conforming to the construction of a€?Smart Citya€? is the direction of urban development, and it is also an important measure of national policy. Up to now, Chinaa€?s investment in the construction of smart cities is expected to exceed 1.1 trillion yuan, and the total number of smart city construction has reached 154; and in the a€?Twelfth Five-Year Plana€? or government report, cities with cities above the prefecture level that build smart cities have a total There are 41 sub-provincial cities, 10 of which are Beijing, Shanghai, and Tianjin, all of which have proposed the construction of smart cities. a€?

The construction of "smart cities" will surely promote the development of a large number of related enterprises, and building intercom companies are among these many beneficiary enterprises.

"Smart City" emphasizes intelligence, convenience, and comfort, which can be said to coincide with the concept of a building intercom system. The state's emphasis on the construction of a "smart city" will, to a certain extent, promote the popularity of building intercom.

3, multi-industry development to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises Although the industry has specializing in the main line of building intercom, more conducive to the establishment and promotion of the brand, but according to the market situation on the production of enterprises to make rapid and timely adjustments are also important.

The building intercom industry has undergone rounds of reshuffling. It is still able to stand still in the industry. Most of them are relatively powerful and space-prone enterprises. They can adjust their development strategies in a timely manner in accordance with market changes. .

At present, integrating building intercom management into the overall system management system of the One Card, access control card access, access control, consumption, parking, and other access control card application platforms are also a trend of building intercom development. This multi-industry integration is actually what we call the community's overall solution. This model of community-wide solution not only provides users with a one-stop service, but also greatly simplifies the entire engineering process and saves Time, but also conducive to the development of system after-sales service, and thus have a certain competitive advantage in the industry.

It is reported that some building intercom manufacturers have now expanded their business to other areas of the smart community, such as access control, smart parking, and monitoring equipment. In 2013, this model of community-wide solution will still be a development trend. At the same time, this trend of multi-industry development will, to a certain extent, help improve the overall competitiveness of enterprises.

4. Intelligentization With the continuous improvement of the countrya€?s economic and technological level, comfort, convenience, and intelligence are the lifestyles currently pursued by residents. The future building intercom will continue to develop in the direction of information, intelligence, and integration. , To create a safe and comfortable intelligent community for residents.

Intelligence is the basis for the construction of smart communities and smart cities. The construction of smart cities is a key project of the country in the near future. It is understood that there are already 22 large and medium-sized urban planning documents in the country, and the construction of smart cities is clearly proposed. Among them, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Ningbo, Wuhan, and Xiamen have formulated or implemented special plans for the development of smart cities. As a result, people in the industry generally believe that the construction needs of smart cities will certainly accelerate the progress of intelligent building intercom.

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