Building enterprises concerned: the form of staircase display needs to be broken

In recent years, many staircase companies have tried to convert the store into a stairway display for the home living museum. This is because the cost of production and distribution of stairs has increased, but prices have been declining, and the original business model has not been adapted to market demand.

Stairs should adapt to the progress of the market in terms of management methods, from researching "consumers" to "products." At present, the staircase products are seriously homogenized. Everyone claims that their products are European-style, green ecological stairs, and concepts such as health, ecology, environmental protection, green, and quality, but they do not do the same, this is the staircase company. Need to pay attention when operating the product design. The personality of the staircase home living museum is able to fully display the characteristics of the company's products, customers have a great understanding of the product.

The traditional single-staircase display marketing method is no longer competitive, and the new home living museum's stairway display method has begun to enter the market . The staircase company invited excellent designers. It should also study the market and turn the dealerships into a creative home staircase display center, a model of a home living museum. A person in charge of a staircase company said: "We are dedicated to providing customers with integrated staircases and home displays. In our overall staircase display, staircases, home sofas, household items, creative household items, home accessories, and fashion home accessories will be An overall home living museum is presented to consumers, creating a warm and stylish petty bourgeoisie for everyone's lives, and more importantly, it creates a way of purchasing for the middle and high-level consumers.a€? a€?They are the pilots who are constantly being imitated. , but never been exceeded!" pointed out by an industry expert.

Through the keen grasp of consumers, the simple quantitative value-added to the quality of rapid - from "growth" to "value-added," from "retreat" to "pragmatic", so that all the stairs of the company's assets such as factories, shops, staircase brand Maximizing the value added is the ideal choice for the overall brand enterprise.

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