Broccoli side branch management technology?

Broccoli is rich in nutrients and crispy in taste. It is popular among people and the market is very popular. Therefore, many vegetable farmers also like to plant. The following small series introduces you to the management technology of broccoli side branches.

The broccoli side shoots are commonly called small flowers and small claws (harmonic), that is, the small flower balls that re-grow the side branches after the main flower ball is harvested. This part of the side branch flower ball, if properly managed in the field, can still obtain higher economic benefits. The specific management points are as follows: Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
First, the variety selection. According to the characteristics of the variety, early and middle-aged varieties can be selected as the main varieties of collateral production, such as excellent and green wind. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
Second, planting density. After the main flower ball is harvested, the plant plant type can be properly dispersed to facilitate the growth and development of the side branch flower ball. Therefore, the varieties that need to be harvested from the side branches should be dense and moderate at regular intervals. If the planting is too dense, the plants will be poorly ventilated, and the stalks of the lateral branches will be weak and easy to break, which will affect the quality. Generally, the plant spacing is 55cm, and the row spacing is 60cm, that is, 2100-2200 plants per acre are suitable. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
Third, fertilizer management. After the main flower ball is harvested, the base fertilizer and the previous top dressing have been basically consumed, and the side branches must be added with side fertilizer. Generally, after 60%-70% of the main flower ball is harvested, the side branch fertilizer is applied, which can meet the needs of the growth of the side branches and improve the yield of the main flower ball. Topdressing is mainly based on plant application, and 10-15 kg of urea and 10 kg of compound fertilizer are applied per mu. After the first batch of side branches are harvested, if the side branches are still growing vigorously, the urea can be topped with about 10 kg/mu and the second batch of side branches can be harvested. In this way, 4-5 batches of side branches can be harvested, and the total output can reach about 500kg/mu. The soil should be kept moist throughout the growing season, but no water can be accumulated in the field. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
Fourth, pest control. When exporting broccoli, it is forbidden to spray pesticides when the flower ball is budd. In the later stage of plant growth, there are more pests and diseases, and the side branches should pay special attention to pest control. The late broccoli diseases mainly include black rot (using 80% necessary 600 times), downy mildew (using 50% � 1500 times), and sclerotinia (50% Xiu'an 1000 times prevention). Pests mainly include Plutella xylostella (using 5% calorie 1200 times or 24% Leitong 2500 times), and cabbage caterpillars (controlling Plutella xylostella). Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
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