Borrow Your Eyes: Choose Three Ways of Home Hardware

In the process of home decoration, it is easy for people to put more financial and material resources into the selection of large items. Experienced designers and homeowners who have been homeowners for many times will not miss any nuances, and will be more attentive to the selection of some obscure accessories such as kitchen hardware. Because the hardware products account for a small proportion in the entire home life, they play a role in transferring, embellishing, and contrasting the entire environment.

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It is understood that home hardware can be divided into ordinary and special two categories, the former including hinges, hinges, slides, etc. The latter includes bathroom hardware and kitchen accessories. Among them, hinges, slides, hinges and locks are used more frequently in life and are therefore more important.

However, since most consumers are not experts in this field, it is difficult to distinguish between appearance and function only in the face of a wide range of hardware products on the market. The quality of hardware products is a large part of the material. The quality of the material is really difficult for the consumer to identify. Here are three quick authentication methods:

First, see if the brand is well-known. Because maintaining a brand's reputation is more difficult than recreating a new brand. However, don't be convinced that various "German brands", "Italian brands", and "American brands" are on the menu. Many new brands that have no history are affiliated products.

Second, weigh the weight of the product. This is a way of no way. Products of the same specification, if they are of relatively high quality, at least indicate that the materials used by the manufacturer are relatively rigid.

Third, look at the details. The details determine the quality, should pay attention to the details of the hardware products, such as the return spring of the door hinge, using ordinary grease or silicone oil? Does the door hinge bearing have molybdenum-containing grease? Baroque style door lock handle, in addition to the surface, the vortex inner ring is not polished too? Drawer slide paint surface is not flat? From these details, we can see whether the products are good, so as to confirm whether the quality of household products is outstanding.

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