Beirui IC card lock office lock stainless steel smart lock simple and generous

Surface treatment: yellow bronze, stainless steel sanding, PVD

Main material: 304 stainless steel

Suitable for door thickness: 40-50mm (conventional) / 51-80mm (optional)

Lock body: P6068 lock body Applicable standard: QB/T2474-2000

Suitable range: security door, stainless steel door, wooden door

Key: Proximity Card + Password (optional) 2 brass common spoons

Cylinder: Super B-class blade lock

Installation center distance: 60mm (STY09 world lock

Lock body center distance: 68mm


1. Swipe the card to open the door: It can automatically identify the mainstream bus card, subway card, parking card, community owner card, access card, etc. in domestic and large cities, and set it as the opening card through the authorization of the lock administrator. And support all mobile phones with NFC function and "mobile bus card" as the opening card to use, truly realize the card;

2, password to open the door: the use of South Korea imported ADS touch chip, support magic password anti-peeping function, such as user password is: 123456, you can enter 8834564512345686363521 as long as the sequence of password 123456 can be opened;

3, anti-theft lock body: fire, anti-theft, anti-violence open, the lock body is made of SUS304 stainless steel casting, the side anti-smashing force reaches 10000N, the front impact resistance reaches 6000N, reaching the super B-class anti-theft standard;

4, record query: can query the opening record, registration record, delete record on the LED display, the capacity can be up to 10,000;

5, guest user time management: guest user time management function, such as the effective opening time of the guest user can be set to "date 2012/01/01-2012/02/01, time period 08:00:00-12:00:00; 14:00:00-18:00:00; 19:00:00-21:00:00; then the guest user can only open the door within the above time period;

IC card lock Office lock Hotel lock 304 stainless steel smart lock Induction password lock Electronic lock

Product parameters:


MS328-ET-AYSSPVD (induction password lock




304 stainless steel




6068 lock body

Ambient temperature

Normal temperature

Scope of application

Hotel, home entrance door, room door, office



Relative humidity

Normal temperature


Security door, stainless steel door, wooden door


Real object


Shell rhino



Reference Price


IC card lock Office lock Hotel lock 304 stainless steel smart lock Induction password lock Electronic lock

IC card lock Office lock Hotel lock 304 stainless steel smart lock Induction password lock Electronic lock

Order purchase

a—? Company Name: Zhongshan Languo Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

a—? Trading method: This product supports online trading, and you can enjoy Huifubao fund guarantee service for free; click on the online trading process for details.

a—? Freight problem: the seller bears

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a—? Annual turnover: RMB 5,000 - 1 billion

a—? Established: 2008-08-20

a—? Number of employees: 101 - 300 people

a—? Monthly production: 300000

a—? Plant area: 20000 square meters

a—? Certification Information: ISO 9001

a—? Main customer groups: engineering, franchise stores, supermarkets, door factories

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