Beijing Instrument Industry Association

The Beijing Instrument and Meter Industry Association, jointly established by 21 units including Beijing Analytical Instrument Factory, is a social group legal person approved by the administrative organ of the Beijing Municipal Social Organization.

Association purpose:

First, in order to strengthen industry management, promote horizontal integration, promote the healthy development of Beijing's instrumentation industry, meet the needs of national economic development, and give full play to the active role of industry associations, this charter is formulated.

Second, the association serves as a good company's staff, serves as an assistant to the government, and plays a role as a bridge and link between the enterprise and the government. The activities of the Association should focus on safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and business members, and actively contribute to the revitalization of the Beijing instrument and meter industry.

Association mission:

I. Carry out investigation and research work on the development of the whole industry. Based on the development situation and market forecast at home and abroad, we will propose to the government departments the industry development plan, relevant policies and regulations, and industrial system reform. Maintain corporate rights and interests, and strive to serve members.

Second, actively develop horizontal economic ties, promote the optimal combination between enterprises, strive to form a situation of reasonable competition within the industry, and promote the technological advancement of the industry and the improvement of management level.

Third, carry out consulting services, provide technical and economic information, summarize and promote advanced experience. Organize various forms of activities such as exhibitions, lectures, and information release to promote industry information exchange.

4. The Association adopts various forms and channels to train various talents for enterprises and undertakings.

V. Actively develop cooperation and exchanges with foreign technology and economy to promote the development of export-oriented economy.

Sixth, organize enterprises to negotiate rules and regulations. Conduct industry law enforcement supervision and inspection. Coordinate economic relations between member units.

7. Accepting the government's authorized agency work and other social organizations entrusted to handle matters.

Eight, the organization develops industry public welfare undertakings.

IX. The implementation of the basic tasks shall be formulated by the respective councils according to the actual situation, and the medium-term and near-term work plans shall be drawn up and actively implemented.

Beijing Instrument Industry Association

Chairman: Yang Zhanchun

Secretary General: Liu Shuqin

contact number

Address: Room 301, No. 11, Daqi Town, Xinjiekou, Xicheng District, Beijing

Zip code: 100035

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