Bathroom market price black hole 2398 yuan can be 800 yuan transaction

1. colour

The color of the toilet and the bathtub and washbasin must be the same, and the color should not be deeper than the floor tiles. The hue should be coordinated with the wall tiles.

2. quality

The glazed surface of the toilet shall be clean and smooth. There shall be no obvious defects in the color and crystals. There shall be no pinholes and lack of glaze. After the toilet will deliver crisp and sweet sound, no cracking sounds, no cracks, trademarks shall be clear, and all kinds of accessories shall be complete. , No deformation, etc.

3. Outlet

When the water outlet of the toilet is for drainage, the distance from the center of the outlet to the wall behind the tank should be measured. Otherwise, the toilet cannot be installed. The outlet of the horizontal drainage toilet shall be equal to the height of the horizontal outlet, preferably slightly higher, in order to ensure the flow of sewage.

4. Water saving

As water bills gradually increase, water saving performance becomes increasingly important. The size of the water tank does not indicate whether it is water-saving or not, but whether the design of the flushing drainage system and the water tank fitting in the toilet structure is reasonable and whether the quality passes. General toilets should be marked with the amount of flushing, the following 6 liters of water can be classified as water-saving toilet.

5. Three sets of supporting sanitary ware are required to be provided, and related faucets should also be combined with the bathtub faucet and wash basin faucet. The brand is the same, and the style is the same. If the conditions permit, the towel rack should also be the same type as the faucet.

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