Bamboo flooring must be both inside and outside

First, the product information is complete

In general, formal products, the state expressly provides that there should be a complete set of product information, including manufacturers, brands, product standards, grades, product specifications, instructions for use, after-sales service, and other information, complete information of the product, indicating that the production company is a certain Even if there are problems in the formal enterprises on the scale, consumers can also have evidence.

Second, product appearance quality

1. Whether the length, width, and thickness of the product's specification and dimensions are consistent with the box's identification.

2. The appearance of bamboo flooring: Firstly, the color of the floor is viewed, the color of the natural floor is golden yellow, and the whole body is translucent; the carbonized bamboo floor is bronze or brown, and the color is uniform and glossy.

3, paint quality: the floor placed in the light to see whether the surface of the bubble, pitted, orange peel phenomenon, look at whether the paint is rich, full, smooth.

Third, product intrinsic quality

1, first look at the material, you can use handkerchief and use the eye, if the floor took lighter in the hands, indicating that the use of tender bamboo; if the view of the arts and science is vague, indicating that this bamboo is not fresh is the bamboo.

2. To see if the floor structure is symmetrical and balanced, it can be seen from both ends of the bamboo floor, whether it meets the principle of symmetry balance, and if it is in conformity, the structure will be stable.

3. Whether the floor layer is glued to the floor closely or not. With both hands, will there be stratification?

Fourth, the product processing accuracy

The accuracy of bamboo flooring processing can be randomized. The method is to randomly take multiple pieces of floorboards and put them on the plane to see if they are jointed, and then touch the surface to see if they are even.

Nature floor del floor paint

HCPE Resin(Adhesive Type) Description

HCPE resin (Adhesive Type) is excellent synthetic polymer material which has a fine overall performance. It take the special polyethylene as raw material the product which results in after the depth chlorination system. It has excellent solubility and can dissolve in a variety of aromatics, chlorinated hydrocarbons, ketones, esters and organic solvents. with excellent resistance to ozone, resistance to chemical media and flame self-extinguishing and other excellent performance, the main rigid PVC Adhesive Resin on the currently market, that has used in substituting the CPVC Resin (adhesive type) massively.

This product is according to the market and the international environmental protection request, develops the successful new product spontaneously, has the proprietary intellectual property rights, the only enterprise that succeeds in using the HCPE product applies in the adhesive profession.


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