Automatic alarm tracking system saves investment in security systems

Recently, the a€?Statica€? Grid Auto Tracking System, which was developed by the Public Security Department of Shaanxi Province to guide the development and acquisition of national invention patents, can make numerous monitoring facilities more conspicuous, and has a high application value in preventing public security and detecting cases. It was recognized by the authority of the First Institute of the Ministry of Public Security and other institutions as an effective technology that filled the international gap.

According to statistics, there are currently more than 2 million police surveillance sites in the country. However, existing systems have problems with the presence or absence of alarm image information, and they cannot automatically grid capture and zoom in when there is a police situation. The manual browsing and screening of police information is time-consuming and laborious. It is difficult to avoid underreporting. It is also often because the target of capture is too small to make clear the case.

The technology patented by the Science and Technology Department of the Public Security Bureau of the Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau, Baoji City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment, is the patented technology developed by Mr. Kuikui. The patented technology enables police to capture the situation. Alarm, initial return correction, and multi-mode comprehensive discrimination of personnel intrusion have improved the clarity and positioning accuracy of the police target image. It is characterized in that the camera is connected to a smart matrix processor capable of transmitting and receiving a video signal that can input the input video signal through a screening process and output only an alarm abnormality; the number of smart matrix processors is far less than the number of cameras. Several of the displays are connected to and display a video picture of the alarm target or location; multiple video signals are input and only the (pop-up) video signals belonging to the alarm condition are output.

This technology not only greatly reduces the number of monitors in the monitoring center, but also reduces the number and workload of on-duty personnel, and more importantly, it has won the alarm time every second. Regardless of the monitoring and command centers in residential quarters, public places, or public security organs, the investment in security systems can be greatly reduced.

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