Analysis of how to install elevator wireless monitoring equipment

The traditional elevator monitoring adopts the cable-based solution to provide power supply for relevant equipment and transmit audio and video monitoring signals to the monitoring center at the same time, thereby realizing one cable and multiple uses. However, after a long period of cyclical reciprocating upward and downward mechanical movement of the elevator, the cable tends to be worn or even broken. The cost of deploying again with the cable is not high, but the same consequences can easily occur again, which makes the elevator maintenance cost high. Therefore, the wireless video transmission equipment developed by Shenzhen Leian Technology has basically solved the problems of traditional wired cables.

At present, our company's elevator wireless monitoring equipment has two models, one is analog wireless monitoring equipment LA-2510DT, and the other is digital wireless monitoring equipment LA-5840.

LA-2510DT is a wireless transmission device with a very high cost performance for elevator video surveillance. With high carrier frequency, better anti-interference, and receiving filter function, it can effectively reduce clutter signal interference. The device has a built-in 12dbi directional antenna. Under the same transmission power conditions, the transmission distance is longer and the signal is more stable. Small size, light weight, suitable for installation in the elevator shaft, and installation and debugging more convenient.

LA-5840 is a new generation of wireless video surveillance specifically for the elevator monitoring environment, innovative introduction of elevator digital wireless video surveillance solutions, its flexible deployment, simple maintenance, small interference, smart appearance, easy to install. At the same time, the wireless audio and video transmission method effectively avoids the loss of monitoring pictures and audio caused by the failure of elevators with the cable, and fundamentally improves a series of problems faced by elevator monitoring. Use up to 100 floors in the elevator.

The wireless monitoring equipment is installed in the elevator as follows:

The special wireless monitoring system for elevator installation is very simple. The transmitter is placed on the top of the car. The receiver is placed on the upper part of the patio (or the bottom of the well, depending on the position of the monitoring room. If the monitoring room is on the top floor, the receiver and antenna can be used. In the upper part of the well, otherwise in the lower part of the well, the signal is transmitted wirelessly between the transmitter and the receiver. The received video signal is sent to the monitoring room through the video cable, and the management personnel can monitor the running status of the elevator in real time.

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