Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of composite solid wood flooring

Laminate flooring, also known as laminate flooring. When it comes to wood flooring, I believe that the first thing that most consumers think of is solid wood flooring. Why suddenly composite wood flooring will be so hot, its full name is impregnated paper laminated wood flooring, composite solid wood flooring is generally composed of four layers of composite materials, namely wear layer, decorative layer, high-density substrate layer, balance (moisture-proof )Floor. Today's decoration home decoration network Xiaobian introduces the advantages and disadvantages of composite solid wood flooring !


Advantages of composite solid wood flooring:

1. Abrasion resistance: The surface layer of the reinforced floor is specially treated for the wear layer. It can achieve high hardness, that is, using a sharp hard object such as a key to scrape, and will not leave traces. The biggest advantage of this advantage is that there is no longer any need to protect the floor in daily life.

2, more varieties of flowers, a pattern can call out dozens of colors, and has a strong imitation, the floor of the enhanced floor has a wide range of sources, there are wood, stone, skin and a variety of nature does not have Unique artificial pattern.

3. Compared with traditional solid wood flooring, the size is large.

4, easy care: because the surface layer wear layer of the laminate has good wear resistance, pressure resistance, impact resistance, fire retardant, chemical resistance and other properties, in daily use, just use a wrung rag, mop or Clean the vacuum cleaner. If the floor is greasy or smudged, wipe it with a small amount of detergent.

5, the installation is simple: because the four sides of the laminate floor are provided with a gutter, the installation only needs to fit the gutters to form a precise snap, without the need for glue. After laying, the overall effect of the ground is good, the color is uniform, and the visual effect is good. At the same time, the reinforced floor can be directly installed on the ground or other floor surface without hitting the earth dragon. In addition, the laminate flooring can be paved from anywhere in the room, simple and fast.

6, excellent cost performance (cheap price): compared with solid wood flooring, the raw materials of the laminate floor are renewable, as long as the four parts, mostly paper materials, fully save costs. And the specifications of the laminate flooring are all uniform, which can form mass production and shorten the production cycle.


?? Everything has two sides, and its main disadvantages are:

1. Compared with solid wood flooring, this kind of floor has a slightly lower foot feel due to its higher density.

2. The product is poorly repairable and must be replaced once it is damaged.

3. Because formaldehyde adhesive is used in the production process, there is a certain formaldehyde emission problem in this kind of floor. If the formaldehyde emission exceeds certain standards, it will have certain impact on human health and cause pollution to the environment.

Regarding the advantages and disadvantages of composite solid wood flooring , the decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will introduce so much for everyone, hoping to bring help to your life! For more exciting knowledge, please pay attention to our decoration encyclopedia!

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