Aluminum 6063 and 6061-T6 Performance

?€?China Aluminum Network?€‘ 6063 alloy is an alloy prepared with aluminum, magnesium and silicon as the main elements, each element has a certain range of content, and the price of magnesium is high.

6061-T6 is aviation hard aluminum, light, high strength, high production cost, so expensive. Is the abbreviation of T6 hardening of 6061 aviation aluminum alloy, with good formability, weldability, machinability, and at the same time Strength, still maintains good operability after annealing.

Typical uses: Aerospace fixtures, trucks, tower buildings, ships, pipelines, and other architectural applications that require strength, weldability, and corrosion resistance.

Chemical composition range: 0.4-0.8Si, 0.70Femax, 0.15-0.40Cu, 0.15Mnmax, 0.80-1.20Mg, 0.04-0.35Cr, 0.25Znmax, 0.15Timax. Higher content of each component is 0.05, and other components are larger Content 0.15, balance Al.

1. Product introduction

   Coal-based column desulfurization column Activated Carbon used high quality Anthracite as raw material. Adding a certain proportion of adhesive, auxiliary catalyst, by selection, proportioning, grinding, molding, drying, carbonization, activation and deep processing made. 

2. Application

   This product is mainly used in all kinds of gas, such as water gas, semi water gas, coke oven gas, natural gas, carbon dioxide gas, city gas, synthetic ammonia process gas, and exhaust gas in sulfur dioxide chemical raw materials and other containing mercury. It also used for adsorption of flue gas of power plant equipment, including the removal of sulfur dioxide and saltpeter, which replace the lime desulfurization process before. It also applies to other gas that contains mercury cannot get rid of the low concentration, which is equal to or below the national emission standard.  

3.Transportation and Packing

 Woven bag, lined with plastic film bags, each 25kg can also be packaged according to customer demand. The product should be placed in a cool and dry place during storage; When transportation, it prevents to mixed with hard materials, to prevent carbon particles broken that affecting the quality of packaging, to prevent breakage. To avoid leakage or mixed with debris; to avoid water, oil and fire.

Column Desulfurization Column Activated Carbon

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