Air conditioning did not tie the belt fall 6 meters high caused by fracture

Yesterday morning, a tragedy happened on Ruijing Road in Quzhou City. An air-conditioning installer climbed alone to install the air-conditioner without protective measures and accidentally fell from a height of 6 meters leading to the head. Injuries and fractures of three ribs.

The reporters found that in Quzhou, there were a large number of a€?guerillaa€? air-conditioning installations like the wounded. They often lacked safety awareness, and they did not have professional qualifications or labor contracts, and accidents were harder to defend.

Event: Air conditioner installed, accidentally fell from a height of 6 meters

At 10:00 a.m. yesterday morning, the Herald reporter came to the scene of the accident. In front of No. 19, Ruijing Road, there was still a large amount of blood. At the bottom of the building, there is a storey high storefront. From there, on the outer wall of the second floor, there is a piece of ventilation pipe ripped off when the decoration worker falls.

The nearby people said that at the time the worker and his coworkers were moving air conditioners with twine, one in the house and one climbed to the outer wall. a€?At that time he did not strap protective equipment such as safety belts.a€?

Ms. Huang told the landlord that she bought an air conditioner a few days ago in an electrical appliance store on the North Central City Road. More than 8 o'clock yesterday morning, the electrical shop found two installers came to her home to install air conditioning. When she started working, she saw that the workers were not wearing seat belts. She also reminded them not to worry too much and to take protective measures. After a while, she heard a loud noise from outside the window and ran to see that the worker fell from a height of 6 meters.

At 15 o'clock yesterday, the Herald reporter saw the installer at the Orthopaedic Department of the Department of Orthopaedics of Luzhou City Hospital. The man was surnamed Yan and was from Longwen District, Zhangzhou. According to him, at the time of the incident, he was not wearing a seatbelt. At that time, he and his man were working together to move the air conditioner out of the air. They took a step back when moving the external machine. They did not expect it to fall.

Survey: "guerrilla" lacks safety awareness

a€?We are the home appliance stores that want to install air conditioners and call us. We dona€?t have a fixed service for which appliance store or brand.a€? Yan told the Herald reporter that he did not sign a labor contract with those electrical appliances. Leading to piece-rate wages, an average of seven to eight units a day during the peak season, and a 90-yuan fee for installing an air conditioner.

Subsequently, the Herald reporter visited several electrical stores and electrical stores in Zhangzhou, and learned that in Quzhou City, there are a large number of a€?guerillaa€? installations for appliances like Master Yan, and there is often a lack of safety awareness.

Mr. Chen, who works at an installation company, introduced that during the peak season of air conditioner sales, consumers often called a€?guerrillaa€? workers everywhere to install and maintain air conditioners. Some companies also recruited a large number of air conditioners to install temporary workers. These workers are often rushed to work without systematic training. Untrained installers often ignore the detailed requirements for safe operation and bury hidden accidents.

Mr. Su, who was a citizen, once witnessed air-conditioning installation workers working out at heights, but instead of wearing safety belts or wearing protective equipment, he took most of the body out of the window.

Department: There is a certain degree of difficulty in supervision

These a€?guerillasa€? who have no professional qualifications or labor contracts installed, how would they defend their rights if there were accidents? The staff of the Labor Inspection Detachment of the Zhangzhou Municipal Humanities and Social Bureau said that there are often chaotic labor relations between this type of company and the company. This kind of temporary employment and irregular employment often have problems of difficulties in obtaining evidence and supervision. These people are also Not affiliated with any employment unit, accidents can not be identified as work-related injuries.

The staff member suggested that these workers should find a legitimate employer and sign a labor contract with them. The relevant labor department also has the obligation and responsibility to conduct supervision. In this regard, Wu Huazhou lawyer of Huarong South Law Firm of Fujian Province stated that this situation of Master Yan is that the electrical shop contracted the air conditioner service to him, and the risk of contracting must be contracted by the strict master himself. In his case, he could only consider protecting his rights through accidental injury insurance.

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